Quran and modern science.

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    And he has also launched into M-theory. It's too early to regard it a fact as most of it is speculation. M-theorists are really letting their imaginations run wild. So how responsible is it to interpret Qur'anic verses to match it?
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    He has also made some problematic statements.

    Is he suggesting that RasulAllah (sallallahu'alayhiwasallam) acquired the knowledge of 'what was and what is' by transcending the event horizon of a black hole during his ascension?

    Apart from the theological problems with this statement there is also the issue of the number of black holes that would be needed to be 'looked into' to get the complete knowledge.

    Moreover, this excludes 'what shall be' so it's not 'maa kaanaa wa maa yakoon'. And depending on how many light years far the black hole is from the earth it will contain information of only the very remote past. Because light from events closer in time may not have reached there yet.

    And we still do not know if information trapped inside a black hole exists in human readable form, 'like a cinema' is the phrase he used.

    One should not try to interpret a mu'jiza in terms of science. This is the trap that the 'Quran and Science' bandwagon often falls into.

    Then his explanation of the 2nd verse of Surah Ikhlas is also dangerous if he's making the statement about Allah (The Ahad)'s Noor penetrating the pores of the universe in a literal sense cause that would imply 'hulool' which is kufr unless he means by it 'dominion' or something like that.

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