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  1. Ubaid

    Ubaid Active Member

    it is true isn't it?
    and you are mistakenly treating it as derogatory. what my concern is that with less then qubza beard means you cannot be a witness to hudud, for instance, and this is what i find problematic and not the great man himself, nauzobillah. perhaps you will be kind enough to make sense of it for all of us, if you can.
  2. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    if you do not have a problem, then why the insinuation?
  3. Ubaid

    Ubaid Active Member

    no. i do not have a problem with that. administrator brother.
  4. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    as i said earlier, is 'YES' not to the point? or is it not the point you were looking for?

    i did not say anything except a pointed answer that a fasiq mulin can be a witness in nikah.

    unless you answer my previous question, you will not be allowed to post anything on this forum. you need to learn some manners and discipline. there is another option: you are free to go away like many others before.

    ubaid said:
    and i asked:
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  5. Ubaid

    Ubaid Active Member

    it is not your fault to be able to speak to the point. kuch cheezen peechay se chali aati hain.

    so according to your understanding molana ahmed raza khan barelvy sahab(r)'s interpretation is that a fasiq e mulin, for example, one without qubza beard cannot be a witness in shariah court in matters of murder, qazaf. thank you allahumma zid fa zid.
  6. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    yeah, everybody can see that.

    'as far as you know' is aptly put, and you have demonstrated your knowledge quite well.

    i applaud your 'understanding' for the fluency of its imagination and the alacrity in hallucination which is pretty flabbergasting.

    where did murder, qazaf come in? did i ever say it?

    all i said was that a fasiq mu'lin can be a witness for a nikah. the rest you add/adduce, thanks to your outstanding understanding.
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  7. Ubaid

    Ubaid Active Member

    Idas would have met his match in you. however, that was just to level out the sledging match you are most fond of...

    why i am asking is that credibility of a witness in shariah as far as i know depends on the witness not being a fasiq e mulin.
    what i understand from your reply is that a fasiq e mulin can be a credible witness such as in cases of murder, qazaf as well as nikah.
  8. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    i have commented earlier on your comprehension and i know where this is leading. your logic is convoluted and you simply ignore anything else other than your own harp. cacofonix would be delighted to meet his match.

    if you have something to say, you may please state it explicitly. do not try elaborate charades to try to sneak your opinion.

    your insincerity is obvious in the misstep you have made. if you not noticed, i have answered 'YES' to the question; but it stumbled you up and you end up asking a question as if i replied 'no.'

    i said: YES, a fasiq mu'lin can be a witness in nikah.

    now, which part of 'YES' did you not understand?

    do you have any problem with that?
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  9. Ubaid

    Ubaid Active Member

    yes 'fasiq e mulin' does not exist as such in other hanafi texts, if it does then please let me know. however, ..so it means that such a person cannot be a witness in shariah courts?

    i dont want to argue at all especially about your hadith understanding but your denial of 'dirayah' dear brother abu hasan says it all. only rijaal theory would lead one to urinate whilst standing!
  10. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    sorry for interjecting, even though you were asking aqdas. (and posting in an entirely unrelated thread)

    is it so?

    i think you missed aqdas' point. razwiyat does not mean fatawa of alahazrat - they are known as 'rulings of the shariah', or 'opinion of ahlu's sunnah'. razwiyat means STUDY OF imam ahmed raza's life.

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  11. Ubaid

    Ubaid Active Member

    there is a term only used by molana ahmed raza khan sahab 'fasiq e mulin'...brother if possible, can you please tell me if a person with no beard or shorter than qubza, according razwiyat, would he be considered a witness or a reliable witness or can that person who is fasiq e mulin become a witness in nikah? please give detailed reply if you can. jazakAllah.
  12. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    razwiyat is the study of the life and works of alaHazrat imam ahmad rida khan barelwi. [/font]

    mawlana sayyid wajahat rasul qadri has written that he first used the term in the late 80's and does not know of its use before then. the term is similar to iqbaliyat for 'allama iqbal and ghalibiyat for mirza ghalib.
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