Sayyid Ahmad of Raebareilly

Discussion in 'Tarikh' started by AbdalQadir, Jan 13, 2022.

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    there is plenty of literature in urdu by our ulama. but unfortunately, they do not write in english. and sunnis who have crisp english do not seem to care (which is partly the reason mediocre translators like myself have a place).

    this ought to change. sunnis with a flair for writing and gifted with good expression should select books and translate.
    but where do we start?



    watch this space.
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    barbara metcalf and usha sanyal writing about wahabis, alahazrat or devbandis and barelwis is like cyril radcliffe drawing out the partition of india.

    and due to the absence of quality literature among sunnis on these aspsects - metcalf and sanyal are quoted as authorities and their superficial knowledge as historical insights.

    same thing with the robinson fellow who is an expert without even reading about alahazrat.

    same thing about the guy faizan interviewed - who wrote a book without even learning about alahazrat.
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    from wikipedia:
    also from wikipedia

    came across this while googling -


    didn't read all the linked articles but one of them seems to suggest that he was more anti-british and anti-sikh rather than just being a blazing wahabi (i could be wrong regarding comprehension of that one piece).

    i remember reading about him in school but can't seem to find the history textbook online, if i remember well, he was portrayed as a freedom fighter of sorts (pre-2000's NCERT textbooks), and one of the above articles alludes to it that he's to be seen as anti-hindu rather than a freedom fighter -

    parking the booklist here for perhaps a later search/investigation (i wanna compare the books of pre-bjp era and post-2000) -

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