Scholars & Pirs Praying Behind Saudis

Discussion in 'Other Mad'habs' started by Musafir, Apr 4, 2015.

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  1. ahlusunnah786

    ahlusunnah786 New Member

    On what basis have you concluded that they are not scholars and do not fit the conditions to guide people?
    The ignorance of some people on this forum baffles me.
    Pir Zahid from Gulhar sharif is an alim, he has studied in shaam and various other countries. He teaches dars e nizami on a regular basis and gives a 6 hour dars every Wednesday to everyone who gives baya'ah to him outlining aqeedah and modern day fitnas on this topic.
  2. Rumi786

    Rumi786 ghulam-i-Shams-Tabrizam

    kattarsunni brother,
    the Turkish video of Hazrat Shaykh Bahauddin Adil - may Allah give him a long life -- at 2.15 has clearly been dubbed over by a mischievous person with an English song. I don't know why you would post such a clip on a Sunni forum.

    There seems to be a lot of criticism of Sunni sheikhs on this forum. We need to be united against Wahhabism etc. not fighting amongst ourselves about minor differences of opinion or hadrah styles of zikr etc.
  3. Abu al-Qasim

    Abu al-Qasim Active Member

    None of the Aslamis mentioned above are scholars, nor was Pir Aslam himself (or any of his kahlifahs as far as I know) nor is Pir Zahid of Kotli. So putting 'scholars' in the heading is misleading, better to put 'ignoramuses' instead.
  4. ahlus-sunnah

    ahlus-sunnah Veteran

    Shaykh Muhammad Zahid Sultani speaking about the Name of the Prophet ﷺ displayed on Bread in Gulhar Sharif, Kotli

    One the Early life of Pir Muhammad Sadiq Naqshbandi Rahimahullah of Gulhar Sharif, Kotli

    their father supposedly met the Deobandi Scholar Sayyid Ata Ullah Shah Bukhari

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  5. ahlus-sunnah

    ahlus-sunnah Veteran

    Shaykh Zahid Sultani Hadra in Madina

    Shaykh Zahid Sultani in Turkey

    Is this a new type of Hadra? Watch from 2:15

  6. Ghulam

    Ghulam Veteran

    Habib Zahid doing Hadra in Kotli. He is more Arab than the Arabs.

  7. ahlus-sunnah

    ahlus-sunnah Veteran

    Shaykh Muhammad Zahid Sultani doesn't have any representatives as far as I'm aware and neither does he waste his time visiting the West, he mainly associates himself with Arab & Turkish Scholars
  8. kattarsunni

    kattarsunni Veteran

    None of those are scholars and therefore do not fit the conditions to guide people.

    Sufi orders in the modern age are full of innovation. An educated person cannot take them serious.
  9. Musafir

    Musafir Active Member

    Who are the main representatives for kotli Sharif in UK? Don't seem to have any formalised setup in UK?
  10. Zulfiqar Haideri

    Zulfiqar Haideri New Member

  11. Sacred

    Sacred Active Member

    I was previously reading a post on sunnaforum by a brother called moon crescent on sunnaforum (before it went down)

    The brother stated that he has seen Khaliphas of Sufi Riyaz Sahib/Sufi Muhammed Aslam Shadpur Sharif, praying behind Saudis and he had spoken to them and then they said its fine to pray behind the Saudis.
    Likewise its very well known Sufi Arshad and his maureeds prays behind the Saudis with the intention of praying behind the Prophet peace be upon him him.
    Also I have heard about Hafiz Zahid Sahib from Gulhar sharif doing the same and allowing his maureeds.

    1) Any brothers heard heard about this?
    2) are we allowed to make an intention like that?

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