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    I am in the process of getting my daughter admitted to secondary school in UK. So I went to open day at 2 selective girls grammar schools. At both these schools, their head teachers cited empirical studies and emphasized that girls always do better in all-girls school, and their development gets stunted in mixed (co-educational) schools.

    Mind you, these statements came from liberal, white, christian, educated women from a highly developed/progressive country; so naturally these statements must be true!
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    Brett McKay: Are single sex classes, or schools, one solution of many that can help break down those gender stereotypes?

    Leonard Sax: I used to think so, and actually took a 5 year sabbatical from medical practice, in part, to encourage public schools to offer that option as a choice for parents who wanted it, when teachers have appropriate training. I have pretty much given up on that. The Obama administration appointed an ACLU attorney to govern this domain, and she has decided, on her own without any basis in law or regulation, that such programs should not be allowed in American schools. She has embarked on a witch-hunt, again without any justification in law or regulation, to shut these programs down. It’s very difficult with the Federal Government actively seeking to shut your program down to sustain such a program in the United States.

    Brett McKay: Mmm. The things I think I’ve read, it not only benefits boys but also girls because, it’s one of the problems that girls have in classrooms, like Physics or Computer Science is that they have that stereotype in their mind that their girls they can’t do this, then they see the boys raising their hands, jockeying for … Trying to make the answers so they’re less likely to participate. I guess they found in all girls classrooms …​
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    from darwinism to anti-islamic rhetoric, this is a favourite tool to manipulate public opinion.

    sub'HanAllah, al-sadiq al-masduq (the true and veritable) Prophet sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam foretold of the "fitnatu'l kitaab"; the mu'jizah of RasulAllah sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam is jawamiy al-kalim - succinct and pithy speech. so this holds good for anything 'written'.
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    I have been perusing this site for the past two weeks. It has some well-argued pieces which provide a glimpse into the time period which saw the rise of feminism and massive social engineering in the U.S. I think these articles shed light on turnkey events which ushered in the 21th century american culture.

    The website owner is probably a jew and so are, it seems, the majority of the authors. So take it with a pinch of salt.

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