Where are Sunni Scholars?

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by Ibn Hadi, Aug 19, 2017.

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  1. Ibn Hadi

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    I love Shaykh Osama Al Azhari. He has extremely beneficial lectures and is very strict in Aqeedah.
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    Here he is at Urs-e-AlaHazrat in Bareilly Sharif. He traveled all the way from Egypt to attend the Urs and to present Sayyidi Taj al-Shari'ah with an award from Al-Azhar.

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    a book on azad? this shows that the devbandits had done considerable canvassing even since their inception.

    So in addition to political and financial support from the British they also seem to have won sympathies of arab scholars too. they were fully armed when they made their move to attack the imaan of the muslims. which seems why the fataawa of the ulema from the Hijaz were so crucial for exposing them.

    and indeed that was the blow that, like a poisoned dagger, still sticks in their backs, exactly where alahadhrat left it, killing them by degrees.

    Were it not for alahadhrat, they would have unleashed a tusnami of kufr that would've swept the muslims away!

    whether some people learn to respect alahadhrat or not depends on Allah's (azzawajal) will. but our work now is to keep the records of the dev-slaves' kufriyyat preserved for the future generations of urdu-speaking masses lest they wake-up to a day when people only remember their shuruhaat and tafaseer and the undeserved praises which they amassed by beguiling and lying.

    although many of them are keen in lending a helping hand :)
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    Abu Kalam Azad...very saddening. We need Arab 'Ulama to talk about Sayyiduna wa Imamuna Imam Ahmad Rida RadiAllahu Anhu. short clips of 10 minutes from various countries...
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  7. Unbeknown

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    yes he is a very gifted scholar indeed. His duroos on the 'arabyin-an-nawawi are available on youtube and are extremely informative.

    Mawlana aslam azhari, who was at azhar-ash-shareef when azhari sahib visited, says that shaykh usama displayed exemplary adab towards him. And because hazrat doesn't allow it, he would find excuses to kiss hazrat's hands again and again.

    but a few things I found disturbing about him:

    1) He, like many other azharis, appends 'rahimahullah' to names such as ibn-hazm (and probably ibn-taymiyyah and shawkani too. i haven't heard these directly but for ibn-hazm you can see his 'arbayin dars-4 start). although shaykh sa'eed faudah has decried this practice openly.

    2) He is not of those azharis, who despite being sunni-shafi-misri, do not like ali-jumu'ah, because of his odd stances. I would expect a scholar of his caliber to be otherwise.

    3) He was on the tv-show with habib-ali with that infamous interviewer who would have us all become 'sheer-o-shakar' with the yahood and nasara.


    But aqida-wise he is excellent. there is jumu'ah bayan on youtube where he's doing a lengthy istigatha to rasulAllah(sallallahualayhiwasallam) from the minbar itself.

    its because of these issues that a sunni should avoid going to azhar unless he gets extremely well-grounded in 'ilm, both aqida and fiqh.

    I've come to know of a sunnis from indo-pak who became sulha-kullis (one even became a wahhabi) after spending some time at azhar.

    there's one fellow whom azhari sahib advised against going there but went nonetheless and became a denier of 'talaq-e-thalthah' and this is gumrahi. he also developed other non-sunni tendencies.


    an eye-witness told me that, just a month prior to the uprising against Hosni Mubarak, Qardawi had visited azhar (having received permission after several years). He shared the stage with many senior sunni scholars including ali-jumuah and dr. Buti (alayhirrahamh). In it he made a statement that:

    "all are ahlussunnah. we simply have to 'sufi'ize the salafis a bit and 'salfi'ize the sufis a bit"!

    No one opposed him. Ali-jumuah barely spoke 5mins. Others also spoke on neutral issues.

    Only shaykh Buti said,"We don't consider the salafis to be ahlussunnah. The ikhtilaf is in the principles. So the way to unity is to discuss these."

    not sufficient but better than complete silence.

    (some say that qardawi's visit to misr had a role to play in the uprising that started a month later. Mubarak had exiled him for quite a long time.)

    May Allah('azzawajal) protect us and our coming generations from all sorts of deviance, including deference to the ahlul-bidah. Ameen!

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    A friend of mine Moulana Manzarul Islam Azhari (albaheej.org) narrated about his colleague from Algeria who was known for Kashf. After grduating from Azhar the Shaykh moved to Damascus.
    After the war broke out, Shaykh sought permission from his teacher in Damascus to leave and move to Turkey. The teacher said that he will meet 3 Aqtab on his way out of Syria. And this is exactly what happened. He met three men of Allah who all blessed him and gave gifts for his children. The shaykh is currently in Istanbul with his family.
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    Heard Insaaf al-Imam is or has been translated into English.
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    Anyway of contacting the Shaykh. He is student of Dr Shaykh Ali Jumu'ah.
    I'm impressed by this Azhari's Arabic. Mostly we tend to hear a mixture of classical and colloquial during lectures.
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    this is bad. I'm sure he knows about alahadhrat (alayhirrahmah) because he knows azhari sahib. Also, young sunni scholars from India have been his students and probably still are.

    and after 'insaaf-al-imam' what else is needed? perhaps good advertising..... i mean, abul kalam azad is a muhaddith?!
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    A lecture on the history of Islamic Institutions in Middle East from 5TH century (Hijri). Interesting.

    Al-Qarawiyiin, Al-Zaytuna, Al-Azhar...

    34 mins, he is asked about Hadith Scholars of India:

    Mentions "Alauddin al-Muttaqi, Abdul Haqq al-Dahlawi, Shah Waliyullah al-Dahlawi, Abdul Hayy al-Hasani (Lachnawi?) Abdul Min'im Al-Nimr, Abul Kalam Azad, Ashiq Ilaahi al-Barni, Zakariya Kandhelvi, Sayyid Husayin Ibn Mohsin..."

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