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  1. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    the principal of al-jamiat al-ashrafia, mubarakpur - mawlana muhammad ahmad misbahi. i have heard him described as a heera [diamond] by those who have been in his company. he won't be seen without a book with him.
  2. A Daleel

    A Daleel Guest

    hadret allama professor dr sarfraz naeemi the principle and rector of jamia naeemia and the current muhadith & Mufti-a-azemi pakistan.
  3. Muhammadi

    Muhammadi Well-Known Member

    mufakkir-e-islam of course!

    Mufakkir-e-Islam 'Allamah Pir Sayyid 'Abdul Qadir Shah Sahib Jilani - a walking-talking encyclopaedia. More information here.
  4. A Daleel

    A Daleel Guest

    hadret mufti-a-azam pakistan shadret allama professor dr Muhammed sarfraz sahib naeemi principle of jamia naeemia
  5. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    a few years ago, he annihilated the deobandi debater, tahir gayawi, in front of a gathering of tens of thousands in katihar, bihar. the topic was khatm e nubuwat and nanotwi.

    gayawi disappeared during the third day with the excuse of going for wudu. mawlana reminded gayawi of incidents in katihar in the debate that took place early this year where gayawi chose not to be the debater, only the helper.

    wit: gayawi in punjabi would mean he's already gone!
  6. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    1. a senior scholar, bahr al-ulum mufti abdul mannan a'zami

    2. his student, faqihu'n nafs, mufti muteeur rahman muztar rizwi

    mufti muteeur rahman is the famous debater who always shatters the deobandi argument. he is highly praised by his teachers who vouch for his mastery of fiqh.

    he worked on hayat e alaHazrat by mufti zafaruddin bihari which he helped compile in the 4 volume format.
  7. saghe_jilani

    saghe_jilani New Member

    Shaykhul Islam Raees-ul-Muhaqqiqeen Hazrat Syed Muhammad Madani Ashrafi Jilani Sahib Qibla.
  8. Shaykh A’llamah Muhadith Mufti Muhammad Abbas Rizwi Qadri hafizhullahu Ta’ala

    Shaykh A’llamah Muhadith Mufti Muhammad Abbas Rizwi Qadri hafizhullahu Ta’ala from Dubai originally from Pakistan.

    The Shaykh is a great scholar and has excellent knowledge of hadith he is the mureed of Shaykh Muhammad Abu Dawood Muhammad Sadiq al Qadri who is the student and khalifah of Muhadith Aa’zam Pakistan A’llamah Shaykh Sardar Ahmad al Qadri radi Allahu Ta’ala a’nhu.

    He has translated a few books from Arabic to Urdu including

    · Hayaat ul Anbiyaa fi Quburihim a’laihim us salaam Life of the Prophets in their Graves by Imaam Hafiz Abu Bakr al Bayhaqi radi Allahu Ta'ala a'nhu d. 458 AH. Entitled Aap sall Allahu a'laihi wa Aalihi wasallam Zinda hain Wallah in Urdu.

    · Fath ul Muta'al fi Madh in Nia'al by Imaam Ahmad al Maqri al Maghribi al Maliki radi Allahu Ta'ala a'nhu b. 992 AH about the virtues of the blessed sandals of the Prophet Muhammad Rasulullah sall Allahu a'laihi wa Aalihi wasallam, entitled Fazaile Na’laine Huzur sall Allahu a'laihi wa Aalihi wasallam in Urdu. This was a joint translation with Mufti Muhammad Khan Qadri hafizahullah.
  9. drjash

    drjash Guest

    I have done something similar in my blog a while back which includes in it scholars from the UK. They may not be 'fuqaha' as such but it is still worth a read.

    Here is the link:

    Was Salam

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  10. Muhadith Kabeer Mumtaaz ul Fuqahaa Shaykh Zia ul Mustafa al Qadri hafizahullah

    Muhadith Kabeer Mumtaz ul Fuqahaa A'llamah Shaykh Zia ul Mustafa al Qadri Ibn Sadr us Sharia'h A'llamah Amjad A'li al Aa'zami hafizahullahu Ta'ala wa radi Allahu a'nhu. He is one of the greatest contemporary Islamic Scholars. A great jurist, mufti, hadith scholar, debater and an all-round master of the Islamic Sciences.

    He is currently writing a Sharah on Jami’ Tirmidhi and has written Numerous Fatawaa which al humdolillah are currently being collected and complied in Jamia’h Amjadiyah Ridwiyah in Ghawsi.

    The Shaykh has memorised thousands of Ahaadith of the Prophet Muhammad Rasulullah Sall Allahu a'lahi wa Aalihi wasallam, and his Dars ul Hadith is available in the quaterly Risalah Amjadiyah.

    May Allah a'zza wa jall grant him a long life so that he can continue to do great service for the Deen. Ameen bi jahin Nabiy al Kareem sall Allahu a'lahi wasallam.

    For more information about the Shaykh:

  11. faqir

    faqir Veteran

    anyway, the arguments presented in his piece were certainly convincing and to be honest even if you do decisively prove his retraction I still think it would be a beneficial piece......
  12. faqir

    faqir Veteran

    as-salamu alaikum

    Can you please show exactly where he said he has taken back or was mistaken on his fatwa on the beard?

    I saw someone mention on yanabi:

    "Mua'raf-e-Raza Sep 2005 by Idara tehqiqat Imam Ahmad Raza KarachMua'raf-e-Raza Sep 2005 by Idara tehqiqat Imam Ahmad Raza Karachi"

    Have you actually seen this? Did sh. ghulam rasul sa'idi refer specifically to the beard article and if so, then has he given his reason why he was mistaken?

    In the absence of any specific proof that he has taken back that section on the beard I see no reason to stop the translation.

    jazakumAllahu khayran.
  13. Abu Fadl

    Abu Fadl Banned

    the ruju was done recently, it was even published in one magazine. there are a few refutations of Allama Saeedi about. if you have a close contact with him then simply ask his permission before translating and putting it up.
  14. refuted maybe! (although i have not seen any "refutations").

    No ruju though,otherwise he would have removed the argument from his work altogether or at least made it clear.

    Its actually a very valid argument if one actually reads it,whether you agree or not with it is another matter.
  15. Abu Fadl

    Abu Fadl Banned

    he has been refuted on the beard issue by the way and i have even heard he did ruju (took it backk) so it should not be put up.
  16. faqir

    faqir Veteran

    In the Middle East:

    Shaykh Abdul Razzaq al-Halabi
    Shaykh Adib Kallas
  17. faqir

    faqir Veteran

    i'm still trying to get that beard discussion you kindly scanned up translated for marifah.net
  18. Why not Allaama Ghulam Rasool Saeedi of karachi?

    Has compiled a truly brilliant Tafsir of Quran(Tibyan ul Quran)

    A sharh of complete Sahih Muslim Shareef.

    Is now working on the the Sharh of Sahih Bukhari shareef(volume 1 completed).
  19. Shakil

    Shakil New Member

    Yes the full 18 volumes was nearly complete when i last contacted the scholar who is translating the masterpiece and was due to go to printers and that was last year.

    You can contact them via there website www.Noori.org or email noori@noori.org
  20. azizq

    azizq Well-Known Member

    Assalaamu Alaykum,

    What about Mufti Akmal who comes on Qtv?

    Allah Hafiz

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