How do I add a Resource?

'Resources' is a powerful add-on to our forum. Important posts such as links to books or interesting videos easily get buried on the forum either due to other threads or people hijacking the thread - knowingly or unwittingly.

1. Click on the Resources tab below the sunniport logo


2. Select Category on the left pane


3. Click on the right top corner of the page, you can see a button labelled "Add Resource".


4. Enter details of the Resource, and upload link; notice that there are four options; one option is "Does not have a file." Use this option if you want to add a resource such as this one with a video uplinked from youtube (and you cannot download it). Just use the media button to paste the link in the "Description".


5. Enter additional details


if you are using links, try to add the main page link in case the download link changes.
Aug 27, 2014
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