How do I create a post, or whatever it is called, the one where you can get other people to see it also?

Well, it is called a 'post' alright.

Click on the Forums tab.


You will see a list of contents. These are known as 'categories' which are fairly self explanatory. But if you need a little more description hover your mouse over the category.


Decide on which section to post in - if you are new and you don't know where to post, don't worry; moderators will move your thread; after making a few posts or reading on the forum, you will know where to post, in sha'Allah. Select that category.

Click on the top-right corner you will see a small bluish button "Post New Thread".


Enter a meaningful title and type a meaningful message:

If you have any attachments, click on "Upload a File" and follow the instructions.

Click the button Create Thread:

Your post will appear instantly; however, moderators may move it or delete it according to the state of the post. Please be sure to read our 10-year old forum rules.

ps: i did not make this up; someone asked this question in those very words, except that i edited punctuation.
Sep 2, 2014
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