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    Most scholarly poet, most poetic scholar

    Ibn Durayd is mentioned in Tabaqat Ash-Shafi3iyyatil Kubra as the most scholarly poet and the most poetic scholar - أعلم الشعراء وأشعر...


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    Apr 20, 2021 at 12:30 AM
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    protest in pakistan 19 apr 2021

    Maybe not everyone is aware of what happened today in pakistan, but in short, Imran khan has shown his true face as an agent of the...

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    Apr 19, 2021 at 12:46 AM
  3. AbdalQadir replied to the thread can twitter ban bjp and modi too?.

    May Allah protect Muslims from the epidemic, by the blessings of this blessed month. Aameen....

    Apr 17, 2021 at 10:48 PM