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Oct 29, 2004
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abu Hasan

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please use private messages instead of profile posts if you want to discuss something with me privately. Jul 15, 2016

    1. naqshbandirazavi
      Assalamu Alaikum, Shaykh could you please check your private message, I have been trying to reach you.
    2. Hammad Khan
      Hammad Khan
      Assalamualaikum Shaykh.
      Could you write a response to the PETA activists and the Hindus, who every year without fail, demand the banning of qurbani in India, based on their claim that it hurts the animals and is cruelty on part of Muslims ? Though the Hindus are biggest consumes of meat in india, this response will not suffice and not considered satisfactory for the pure vegans.
      JazakAllah Khayr
    3. Hammad Khan
      Hammad Khan
      Can you please translate al Nubdha al sugra of Habib Abubakar al adni
    4. Shadhili123
      Salaam brother Abu Hasan, May Allah Almighty reward you immensely for your efforts with regards to Sunni Port. Alhamdulillah the truth is prevailing.
    5. abu Hasan
      abu Hasan
      please use private messages instead of profile posts if you want to discuss something with me privately.
      1. Inwardreflection
        Salaam. Trying to ask you something Shaykh
        Jul 24, 2017
    6. Mohamed shaksi
      Mohamed shaksi
      Salaam brother, can you make a thread with links to all magtutah of deoband on which our Tadlil abd Takfir Fatawa are based on.

      Deoband are now denying they even said those things.

      Still searching for the fatwa of gangohi in which he said Allah lied! Al aya.

      This is very urgent our Sunnis are sleeping, dont know if our Ulama safeguarded these Nusgahs.
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      2. abu Hasan
        abu Hasan
        brother, you seem to have awoken recently from a deep sleep. our brothers, ulama are all active for years now. sunniport is 13 years old. please don't expect us to spoonfeed you. i gave you the reference - go and check. wa's salam
        Jul 15, 2016
      3. Mohamed shaksi
        Mohamed shaksi
        Yes I actually scrolled down and saw the photocopy! Great work. I asked so many Ulama for this but none took the effort of giving it.

        They have some new itirazaat and some Sheikh from Jordan is soon to release a book which will defend the stance of the deo proofing it from Asha'irah books. Hence needed additional info.

        This Sheikh is known as a Mutakallim has many followers.
        Jul 16, 2016
      4. abu Hasan
        abu Hasan
        if you are talking about sheikh said foudeh and his upcoming work.

        sh. foudeh is good, but that doesn't mean he is the ultimate. let us see what he says.

        wa billahi't tawfiq.
        Jul 17, 2016
    7. Brother Barry
      Brother Barry
      Salaam brother, I was wondering if you've ever come across the following narration or know of a reference for it

      It is narrated that when Ali –Radia
      Allahu Anhu- came back from Siffin he said:

      “O People! Do not dislike the rule of Muawiya, for if you lose him you will see heads falling of the shoulders as if it is Khandhal”
    8. ExWahabi
    9. mimtiyaz
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