A Faith In Denial

Understanding the belief system of those who believe that they profess no belief

  1. Unbeknown
    Atheism: A belief system becoming increasingly popular amongst the masses owing to the gradual erosion of unsuppressed objectivity, failing intellects and deplorable reasoning aptitudes coupled with ever increasing gullibility and susceptibility to intellectual, philosophical and scientific sophistry.

    Deconstructing Atheism

    Islam Answer's Atheism

    An empirical reality,
    too evident to deny,
    too simple to perplex and yet,
    too commonplace to satisfy bloated egos,
    too pure for perverted mindsets to appreciate
    and too blessed for the wretch to grasp.
    In short, an anathema to faithful atheists.

    A stubborn horse will not drink even if it's muzzle is forcefully submerged underwater. It would fain die of thirst or asphyxia or both but will not condescend to drink. Vanity kills. Not my problem.