‘Uqud al-Jawahir by Sayyid Murtada al-Zabidi al-Husaynii

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  1. ma sha' Allah, excellent!
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    Subhan Allah. It is good that works like this are coming out. Some more works like this should be done in high quality so that people actually read them. I am pleased with this work.

    May similar work be done on the works of Sayyidi Ala Hazrat radyaAllaho ta'ala anho.
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    Please find details of a fantastic project that is in its final stages.


    ‘Uqud al-Jawahir al-Munifah fi adillati Madhab Imam Abi Hanifah
    Stringing the Blessed Pearls on the Evidences used in the Madh’hab of Abu Hanifah

    Author: Al-Sayyid Imam Muhammad Murtada al-Zabidi al-Husayni (rahmatullah alayh) (1145-1205 AH / 1732-1790 CE)
    Editor: Mawlana Muhammad Imam al-Din al-Qadiri al-Azhari

    Language: Arabic

    Volumes: 2

    Status: Under development

    Volume 1 (241 pages) Volume 2 (237 pages)

    Description of the Book:

    This is a very precious book in defence of the Hanafi Madhab. In this work al-Sayyid Murtada al-Zabidi (rahmatullah alayh) mentions the Ahadith related by al-Imam Abu Hanifah (rahmatullah alayh) from which the Imam extracted legal rules that are in agreement with the Sihah Sittah (Sahih al- Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Sunan al-Nasa’i, Sunan al-Tirmidhi, Sunan Abu Dawud, Sunan ibn Majah). He alerts to where the agreements are in the wording of the ahadith and also where the agreements occur in meaning but not necessarily wording. He relies upon the 14 Masanid of al-Imam Abu Hanifah (rahmatullah alayh) which the ‘ulama have attributed to him that have been collected by al-Imam Abu al-Muayyad Muhammad al-Khawarizmi (d.675 a.h) in his book “Jami’ al-Masanid”.

    However the Sayyid in his beneficial introduction points to the fact that the belief that all the ahadith of ahkam must be taken only from the Sihah Sittah is not correct. On the contrary in works such as Sunan al-Darimi, Sunan al-Daraqutni, al-Muwatta, Sahih ibn Khuzaymah, Sahih ibn Hibban, Mustadrak al-Hakim, Musnad Ahmad, Musnad ibn Abi Shaybah, Musnad al-Bazzar, M’ajim al-Tabarani there are alot of hadith that are Sahih and Hasan which the ulama have used as evidence in the chapters of Fiqh. The Sayyid arranges the Ahadith in chapters according to the arrangement found in books of jurisprudence.

    He suffices with mentioning a few ahadith in every chapter while asserting the vastness of the Imam’s narrations from the 1st generation of Muslims. The Sayyid mentions that the reason for writing this work was in refutation of some bigoted individuals who deviated in their claim that Imam Abu Hanifah (rahmatullah alayh) placed analogy before ahadith whereas the reality is quite the opposite or that the evidences he used were weak which is definitely not the case. A pivotal book for students of knowledge and ulama alike.​


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