10th Annual Haqchaaryaar Conference 22nd May 2011

Discussion in 'Events' started by jasimisbest2, May 23, 2011.

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  1. jasimisbest2

    jasimisbest2 Active Member

    I missed the event due to family visit from Pakistan...

    InshALLAH will watch it on video
  2. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    it was a good event, mainly highlighting the rank of siddiq e akbar radiyAllahu ta'ala anhu.

    mawlana muddassir was the stage secretary throughout and did a good job of not taking too much time at all to announce the next speaker.

    mawlana tahir chishti from telford spoke for about 20 mins.

    mawlana arshad misbahi spoke in english about the merits of the sahaba and siddiq e akbar especially.

    sayyid munawwar husain bukhari spoke for about 20 mins quoting from sawayiq al-muhriqah and others about haq char yar and the order of superiority.

    mufakkir e islam lisan al-asr, mawlana qamar uz zaman a'zami made a plea to those who have made an ijma'i issue into a contentious one to cease and think about more important things. he said there are 500m muslims in the subcontinent and not even a handful of them will regard anyone other than siddiq e akbar to be superior. he said mash'hadi sahib is iftikhar al-mutakallimin and has worked on 3 fronts: against qadyanis, kharjis, rafidis.

    after asr, the lion of ahlu's sunnah, sayyid irfan mash'hadi entered the hall in a garland of flowers. mashaAllah, the sayyid looked beautiful, as always.

    qari abdul qadir noshahi read a na'at and manaqib.

    mawlana aqeel jalali delivered a fiery speech and opened fatawa ridawiyyah, v.28, p.488, to show a fatwa of alaHazrat that there is ijma'a on afzaliyat e siddiq. he asked: who are you with? alaHazrat or someone of today?

    a sayyid from stoke then spoke emotionally about sayyid mash'hadi and said he has saved tens of thousands of sayyids like himself from misguidance. this bought tears to sayyid mash'hadi's eyes.

    the final speech was by sayyid irfan mash'hadi. he said he only works for the deen of rasulAllah sallAllahu 'alaihi wasallam and his mission is to remove the insulters - whether rafidis, kharjis or any other. he highlighted the rank of siddiq e akbar in his inimitable style and it was a moving speech with many ulama in tears.

    the gathering ended with salat o salam, maghrib prayers, and then an excellent langar sharif.
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  3. jasimisbest2

    jasimisbest2 Active Member

    Oh I still remember how Yanabi crew always ------- about spelling mistakes,... I rather have spelling mistakes then a Aqeedah that is corrupt and twisted!
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  4. kattarsunni

    kattarsunni Veteran

  5. Abu Fadl

    Abu Fadl Banned

    Why did the masjid not give permission this year to hold the event?

    Someone asked and I said I did not know.
  6. Muhammad Ali

    Muhammad Ali Veteran

    Just to let everyone know the event INSHALLAH will be relayed live online on:

    www.haqchaaryaar.net/ (Doesn't mean everyone stays home and watches it, please everyone try to go their to receive Barakah!).
  7. Abu Aleshba

    Abu Aleshba Active Member


    Are Sisters catered for?

    This was a Victor Street Mosque event and now Victor Street have expanded the mosque the event moves on..lol. Actually the real benefit of the Victor expansion will be the post Milad Jaloos gathering which previously exposed the lack of space. I'm not complaining all the better for me as I'm close to the new venue.

    Interesting choice of venue. It'll give people a chance to see the new venue for the first time. Also Toller Lane Mosque is within stone throwing distance.

    Looking forward to seeing Sheikh Asrar for the first time InshaAllah.

    Also the time 2-9 PM is good. Previously the mehfil would finish about midnight and by the time one did 'Mulaqat', finished langar and returned home it would be about 2AM. Also in previous years by the time the main speaker (example : Mufti Munib Ur Rehman) began many people would have left due to work etc the following day. The speaker would be addressing a one-third or half full hall.

  8. abu fadl, how low! your ulterior motive is not ulterior at all!
  9. Ghulam

    Ghulam Veteran

    Abu fazl. You coming to the event on Sunday.
  10. Abu Fadl

    Abu Fadl Banned

    A note to the organisers: you have spelt "banqueting" wrong. It is spelt wrong on the actual poster too (but with a different spelling mistake).

    Just echoing the point mentioned earlier about being unprofessional.
  11. jasimisbest2

    jasimisbest2 Active Member

    Brother it will start at 2pm and finsih at 9pm.
  12. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    thanks, m.ali.

    inshaAllah, a group of us from manchester will be attending. maybe each speaker can be asked what topic they will speak on / given a topic by shah sahib so that no topics are left out and also that there are no major repetitions. let us try to make this event as effective as possible.

    i even hope that na'ra baazi is minimised and the old idea that the more na'ras there are; the better the event is buried once and for all.

    let us all sing from the hadayiq:

    jinaaN bane gi muHibbaan e chaar yaar ki qabar
    jo apne seena meiN ye chaar baagh le ke chale

    Allah bless sayyid irfan mash'hadi for coming to the UK and teaching us the love of the sahaba and defending their honour.
  13. MubeenIqbal

    MubeenIqbal New Member

    bro what time will it start and finish?
  14. ghulam-e-raza

    ghulam-e-raza Well-Known Member

  15. Muhammad Ali

    Muhammad Ali Veteran

    Jazak Allah Brother Aqdas for your feedback. INSHALLAH I will pass your feedback on to the organisers. But I feel INSHALLAH it will be according to a plan because its in a hall and obviously you have to empty the hall at the correct time.
  16. jasimisbest2

    jasimisbest2 Active Member

    Dear Brothers,

    I have been sent this poster by Mowlana Mudassir Hussain Saab.

    He has requested that this poster be printed out and to be put on shops and Mosques in your area.

    please download this poster and print A3 or A4 size in colour as it looks the best, and put them around shops and mosque to show your contribution in way of haq.

    Please email me at jasimisbest2@hotmail.com if the attachment doesnt work so i can forward you the poster.

  17. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    a request, bro. m. ali:

    please have a schedule in place. there must be a fixed time in place for the main speakers, e.g. shah sahib will start his speech no later than 9pm and the jalsa will finish no later than 11pm.

    it is unprofessional to conduct a jalsa on the fly. please ensure there is good planning involved as the list of speakers is amazing and they deserve a well organised, effective gathering.

    it is not obligatory for every mawlana who arrives to be given time. yes, if there is time available, sure; but, if not, stick to the timetable.

    please take a look at http://www.sunniport.com/masabih/showthread.php?t=6338.

    we want to keep the public happy and i don't think they are if we extend the timings etc. and we don't want to tire them out.
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  18. hussain.k

    hussain.k New Member

    what time is this event scheduled to start and end?
  19. Muhammad Ali

    Muhammad Ali Veteran

    10th Annual Haqchaaryaar Conference 22nd May 2011

    Urdu Speakers:

    Sher E Ahlesunnat Peer Syed Muhammad Irfan Shah Sahib Mashadi Moosvi Kazmi (Bradford)

    Muffakir-E-Islam Allama Qamr-UZ-Zaman-Azmi (Manchester)

    Peer Sayyid Munnawar Hussain Shah Sahib Bukhari (Blackburn)

    Allama Mufti Muhammad Fazil Bandialvi (Bradford)

    Allama Dilshad Qadri (Leeds)

    Allama Jameel Misbahi (Manchester)

    Allama Farogh ul Qadri (Glasgow)

    Peer Sayyid Riaz Hussain Shah Sahib Mashadi (Brierfield)

    Allama Hafiz Aqeel Jalali (Oldham)

    Sahibzada Mufti Muhammad Tahir Chisti (Telford)

    Qari Hafeez ur Rahman Chisti (Leicester)

    English Speakers:

    Shaykh Muhammad Asrar Rashid (Birmingham)

    Shaykh Munnawar Ateeq (Birmingham)

    Shaykh Naveed Jameel (Nottingham)

    Shaykh Muddasir Hussain (Bradford)

    and many more scholars will be present INSHALLAH. Must Attend Event!

    Lala's Banquting Hall
    Toller Lane

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