1st English Sunni Conference Bradford 2015

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Wadood, Aug 27, 2015.

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  1. Wadood

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    brother, it wold be better to look at the anti - cultish agenda objectively. it is truthful, selfless, and based on arguments derived from principles of Deen; its common sense and inherently comparative between what is right and what is wrong; it calls a spade as a spade, with no sugar coating; we both understand what a cult is and how its behaviour can be undermining islamic adab, sunnat shareef, and rules. some enthusiast might have gone overboard with the text though; i dont know about the naushahi tareeqa, but since Sayyid Irfan Shah attends it, i am assuming them to be a valid Sunni tareeqa based on shari'at
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    I've been meaning to comment for some weeks now but didn't get around to doing so. I was at the gathering as it was held in my local Mosque. Shaykh Asrar at the end (video in OP: 34:20) mentioned receiving a text from Birmingham warning him not to attend this mosque as it is a 'cultish' mosque. If this is a 'cultish' mosque then so are the 18+ Jamiat Tabligh ul Islam (Naushahi) mosques (who to my understanding employ amongst others Pir Syed Irfan Shah Sahib and Mufti Ansar ul Qadri Sahib) if not most of the Sunni mosques in Bradford. That is a massive vote of no confidence in the Bradford mosques and scholars, and that coming from a Birmingham texter.

    There's something not quite right about the anti-cult agenda which may explain why, I believe, it is failing to gain traction or being more widely embraced.

    I know Shaykh Asrar was pushed for time and probably wanted to touch on 'cults' and thus was unable to expand on why the mosque was cultish.
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    That is an excellent lecture and well worth watching. Was the reading list referred to in the lecture published?
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    1st English Sunni Conference Bradford, 2015...Shaykh Asrar Rashid

    MashAllah! Beautiful explanation!

    Much needed! and a must watch!

    In half an hour if covers attributes of Allah Rabbul-Izzat, then with examples he answers allegations of atheism, Christianity and Hinduism.

    with that he gives wonderful advice to the youth MashAllah!
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