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    The advanced technology is helping Muslims to learn about information related to the Islam. Surah yasin application is developed for Muslims to learn and read its ayats with audio recitation and Translation. Read surah yasin with translation in different languages. The application is available on both iOS and android users.

    Application Features

    Surah yasin includes these important features.

    1. Read verse by verse full surah yaseen/yasin in Arabic with translation and transliteration.

    2. Choose from 3 available Languages at start of application to read surah yasin.

    3. Tap the last read option to get to previously reading ayat of surah yasin.

    4. Listen to the audio recitation in voice of Abdul Rahman Al Sudais and Mishary Rashid Al-Afasy.

    5. Select translation and transliteration feature to view surah yasin translation and transliteration.

    6. Choose from 13 available languages like Urdu, English and Persian to view translation of surah yasin.

    7. Use settings option to customize attractive font size, color and background color.

    8. Tap the play button to listen surah yasin audio recitation in mp3.

    9. Tap the benefits and blessings feature to read complete benefits of surah yaseen.

    10. Share the application using sharing option on twitter and facebook.

    Muslims can download and read the heart of Quran surah yasin with translation and audio recitation.
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    10 Surah for kids is an application in android and iOS brings last 10 Surahs of Quran with their audio recitation, translation and transliteration. This application serves as a Quran Tutor teaching you and your kid’s recitation of Quran and brings you to understand the meaning of the words of last 10 Quran Surahs. Last 10 Surahs of Quran are very short and can be easily learn and memorize. So 10 Surah for kids is a good source to learn and memorize last 10 Surahs of Quran. Learn and recite last 10 Surahs of Quran from your smart phones anytime and anywhere you want. To download this app links are provided below:

    10 Surahs for kids application is very easy to use and utilizing its features will attract the attention of your kids. Your kids will love this app to use and will easily learn recitation of Quran Surahs with their Tajweed rules.

    10 Surah for kids app has numerous features following are the main features:

    01· 10 Surah for Kids is user interaction and has colorful user interfaces, which will get intention of the kids easily.

    02· This app has a sounds features, which also one of the aspects of the user interactive. Reciters voices reciting words of the Surahs is very attractive and have pleasant voices.

    03· Audio recitation of the Surahs is provided both word by word and as full recitations of the Surahs.

    04· Word by word audio recitation in this application helps in the proper reciting and pronouncing the words of the Surahs of Quran.

    05· Translation of the words of each Surah is included into many languages like Farsi, Urdu, English, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, French and many more.

    06· Translation features in this application brings you to understand the meaning of the words of Surahs.

    07· Transliteration is also provided in this application, which converts or transfers the Arabic plan text into the English. This feature helps in the recitation and leads you to the correct pronunciation of the words of Surahs of Quran.

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    It is usually common problem that whenever you visit of travel around, mostly it is difficult to find the direction of Qibla (Kaaba). Qibla Connect is an application in android and iOS, which helps in finding the direction of Qibla and this app also helps in the Prayer (Salat Timing). This app provides times of the five times prayers and notify via alarm setting informing you about the time to offer your prayer. Links of the app is given below where you can download this application.

    Qibla Connect app is beautifully designed and developed for users’ android and iOS, helps you finding direction of Qibla from any place you are. This app has many functions and features which brings this app in the market of applications very valuable.

    Direction of Qibla: This app finds you the direction of Qibla from anywhere you are and also finds you the distance of your current location and the Qibla (Kaaba).

    Salat Timing: This application gives the timing of the prayer according to the Islamic standards and place of your current location.

    Alarm Setting: Alarm can also be sited in this app to notify you about the time of prayers. Alarm contains Adhan Recitation.
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    Surah Al-Waqiah is the 56th Surah of Quran, which is mostly reciting Surah. This Surah has a magnificent rewards and blessings in its recitation and is also called as the Surah of Wealth. This Surah is brought in the application of android and iOS for the Muslims to read and recite Surah Al-Waqiah with listening to its audio recitation.

    Surah Al-Waqiah is the most reciting and rewarded Surah of Quran and has given more important among others. This app brings many features with itself and following features are the main features of this application.

    Audio Recitation: As mentioned above this app brings audio recitation of the full Surah with its translation and transliteration.

    Translation: Translation in this app helps in understanding the meaning of the Surah Al-Waqiah. Translation is provided in the language English.

    Transliteration: This app also brings the transliteration of the Surah Al-Waqiah. Transliteration helps and leads to the reciting of the Surah which helps in how to recite and read Quranic Surahs.
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    Ayatul Kursi in the most rewarded Ayat of the Holly Quran. This Ayat is brought in an android and iOS application helps in recitation and learning the full Ayatul Kursi with its translation and transliteration. Audio recitation is also provided in the app to help in memorization of the Ayatul Kursi. Links are given for both android and iOS,

    Ayatul Kursi application brings many of the features providing help in learning and memorizing the Quranic Ayat Ayatul Kursi. Following are the main features:

    Audio Recitation: This app contains full audio recitation of the Ayatul Kursi and this helps in the memorizing the Ayat. Recitation is provided in the voices of the different Reciters.

    Translation: Translation of the Ayatul Kursi gives the meaning of the words of Ayatul Kursi. Reciting with understanding the meaning of Quranic Words has more blessings and rewards than its recitation only.

    Transliteration: This app helps in learning how to recite and read Quran Ayat. Transliteration is given in the English form and person familiar with pronouncing English words can also read and recite Quranic Ayat by utilizing this features.
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    5 Surahs is an application in android provides a service of learning Quran Surahs. And to your kids bringing and help them in the recitation of the Surahs of Quran. These Quran Surahs are Surah Ar-Rahman, Surah Yaseen, Surah Al-Mulk, Surah Al-Kahf and Surah Al-Waqiyah.

    This app has an important role because of its collection of the five Surahs, each Surah has a feature of translation and all these Surahs have. Very few of the application in android provide this service. Translation of the Surahs is understandable and you would become able to understand the meaning of the Quran Ayah.

    Similarly this app has a feature of transliteration, the transliteration of the Surahs are brought to you with two different pleasant voices of the Reciters of the Quran, Al-Afsay and Al-Sudais. Both these Reciters have a pleasant and very sweet voice and the recitation with their voices, make a deep and cleanness relation in your heart and soul.

    Bring this app in your use and bless yourself with the recitation of the Quran Surahs. Because these Surahs are given more rewards and bless and every Surah has its own importance.

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