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  1. siddiq faizee

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    Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmathullahi Wa Barakaathuhu
    Anybody knows what “IKTIZA” means. Actually we need “Wali-e-Murshid” to understand it .
    “Innamaa qawlunaa li shaiyin idhaa aradhnaahu an naquula lahuu kum fayakuun”

    “And Our word unto a thing, when We intend it, is only that We say unto it: Be! and it
    is.” (16:40)

    From the above verse it is confirmed we resided somewhere, before becoming a creation in this world or before we come into Noor of Allah, Allahu Noorus Samaawathi wal arz. And please do remember, Allah - Awwal, Akhir, Baathin and Zaahir. - “Kulli shaiyin Muheeth” and “Kulli shaiyin Aleem”.

    Shaithaan when he erred by not prostrating to Adam(alai) said : “Rabbi bima agwaithani” means My Rabb it is you who made me to become astray, whereas our syedina Adam (alai) and Hawwa(alai) when they ate the fruit which was prohibited by Allah said “Rabbanaa zhalamnaa anfusana “ means “Our Rabb it is we who has done the mistake” well Allah forgave Adam(alai) and Hawwa (alai) and again made them to the position greater than what they were, on the other hand Allah’s la’nath was on Shaithaan.

    Now we have to judge our self, be like Adam(alai) or Shaithaan.

    We all know , To err is human but to forgive is divine, Allah loves forgiving his slaves the one who has done repentance, We have to establish the Obedience, the more obedient we become the more Allah loves us. But to know what is the right way of obedience, Sure we have to Love and Follow our beloved Sallallaahu Alaihiwasallam.

    "La Hawla wala Kuwwatha Illa Billahil Aliyul Aleem"
  2. Ibn Arabi

    Ibn Arabi Banned

    assalamu alaykum

    I think the best way to rationally and scientifically aswer questions of fate and destiny, and the whereabouts of Allah, is to use Harun Yahya's works. He explains that space and time are illusions in our mind, and to Allah there is no such thing as "the future" or "the past" or "the present"; to Him everything has happened in a single moment, and He lives free of space and time. You can find some of these articles at www.harunyahya.com.

    For a breif outlook on this, read:

    http://www.evolutiondeceit.com/chapter20.php (about time)


    http://www.evolutiondeceit.com/chapter19.php (about matter/space)

  3. Noori

    Noori Senior Moderator

  4. nik61

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    Absolutely right, brother. May Allah grant us to always see the TRUTH.
  5. :s1:

    Thanks for that. It was certainly interesting. I think, at the end of the day, it boils down to a matter of belief. Rationality cannot answer all questions and one needs faith in the Unseen.
  6. Abdul Rehman Butt

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    Salaam All!

    Hope this helps, it is a translation done by Shaykh Gibril F Haddad of Shaykh Said Ramadan al-Buti's lesson on the third hikm (?) of Ibn `Ata' Allah. It required a lot of concentration and re-reading on my part for some of the subject matter to be understood.

    Sh. Buti on Hikam: Foreordained Destiny and the Inefficacy of Material Causes-and-Effects

    Hope it helps.
  7. If our choices are already known to Allah then how are they free? We may think they are free but in reality they will not be.

    (I gave your answer bro Junayd but the clever Jap came up with this one!)
  8. Junayd

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    We are free because we can choose our actions. We can choose to kill or to be kind. Nobody is forcing humans to do something. He himself alone is responsible for his actions. It doesnt matter if Allah knows what we will do, since it doesnt put our responsibility away. The point is that we human beings have free will.

    It is justice when one gets punished or rewarded for something he does. Imagine if we would not get punished by law if we would commit a crime.
  9. If God is Omniscient and knows everything that has happened and will happen, then how can our actions be free? In that case how can we be punished/rewarded for our actions?

    Can anyone help?

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