A story about Khwaja Muhammad Baqibillah Naqshbandi rahmatullah alayhi

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    is it true that emperor shah jahan made a similar request when laying the final piece of jama masjid delhi?
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    (Ref: a talk given by Shaykh Tahir ul Qadri called Waliyon ki Pehchan at the shrine of Data Sahib Shaykh Ali Hijwiri :ra: in Lahore and available at minhaj.org)

    One of the mureeds of Khwaja Baqibillah asked him the meanings of fana and baqa. The Shaykh said, "When I die, ask this question to the person who reads my funeral prayer." The Shaykh had left a condition that only a person who has never missed a single tahajjud prayer in his life should read my janazah and when this condition was read out during his funeral everyone present lowered their heads and no one dared to come forward to read his namaz janazah. Finally a man, his face veiled, came forward and read the funeral prayer. After the prayer as the veiled man walked off the mureed remembered his Shaykh's answer and ran to the veiled man and grabbed him by the arm. "My Shaykh asked me to ask you a question about what is fana and baqa'" he said. At this the veiled man removed the veil from his face. It was Khwaja Baqibillah himself! "The man whose funeral prayer you have just read is fana", he said, "and what you see before you is baqa!"

    Allahu Akbar!
    Ya Khwaja!

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