Abdullah al-Harari & Jamil Haleem

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    As salāmu ʿAlaykum,

    Where can we learn more about these scholars. Sad that we don't know about our Shafi'i luminaries in the South.
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    there is some truth in this - it's not all slander. he did write the words "istafa - ay i'itala wartafa' al al-'arsh". although in the audio the man says 'was-taqarra', but someone told me it's 'irtafa'.

    apparently, he was not an outspoken antagonist of the wahabiya, held ibn taymiyyah in high esteem and his views on taqleed were not the same as that of ahlussunnah.

    the shafi'ite scholars of kerala would dislike him a lot and when one of them quoted him in one of his books (unaware of his positions), they had him remove the quote.

    he has passed and reached his account (may Allah ta'ala forgive him) - but this is just for the record.

    Someone observed that those dukturs (Phds) from azhar and other places who go to ummul-qura or madinah university, even if just as visiting faculties, (at the invitation of the wahhabis no less!) are somehow neutralized or worse, viz-a-viz their views on the wahhabis. Whilst they are treated like noblemen, given huge monetary gifts and salaries and when these return they are mellowed, all their erudition is wrapped up and shoved in the closet and they avoid speaking/writing on contentious issue altogether and if they do write, they will write as impartial observes who belong to neither of the contending groups.
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    Abdullah al-Harari said in al-Taʿawun ʿala al-Nahy ʿan al-Munkar: “Muhammad Sa'id Ramadan al-Bouti disseminates misguidance”

    Taken from Shaykh Muhammad Sa'id Ramadan al-Bouti's old site


    The Habashis (followers of Abdullah al-Harari) have declared you to be non-Muslim. The Habashi say that they are Ash'ari in aqida, Shafi in Fiqh and Rifai in Tariqa. I like to know if you have replied to these people or not and how can sunnis reply to these people who make fitnah and raise the banner of Takfir on Muslims? This Fitnah is really growing!


    al-Ahbash have not claimed non-Muslim against me alone. As far as I know, they declared it against others who are better than me, such as Mutwalli Sha'rawi, Ibn Taymiyah, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qardawi and many others. For me, I only supplicate Allah to protect me from all tumults, those revealed and concealed ones, especially the tumult of infidelity, and to terminate my life with the deeds most loved to him in order to meet Him while He is pleased with me.


    سمعت أن الأحباش قد كفرَّوك فهل رددت عليهم؟ (فهم يعلنون أنهم أشاعرة العقيدة وشافعيو الفقه ورفاعيو الطريقة) وكيف يردُّ عليهم أهل السنة فإنهم يثيرون الفتنة هنا وهم يرفعون شعار التكفير على المسلمين؟


    إنهم لم يكفروني أنا وحدي، بل كفروا - فيما أعلم - من هم خير مني، مثل المتولي الشعراوي، وابن تيمية، والشيخ القرضاوي وكثيرين. وأنا أسأل الله تعالى أن يقيني الفتن كلها ما ظهر منها وما بطن، ولاسيما فتنة الكفر، وأن يختم حياتي بأحب الأعمال إليه حتى ألقاه وهو عني راضٍ.
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    Abd Allah al-Harari made takfir of many scholars and he was expelled from Ethiopia after he declared Shaykh Ahmad al-Tijani a disbeliever as well as the followers of the Tijani Tariqa & he was expelled from Damascus by Shaykh Ibrahim al-Yaqoubi and he declared him ''misguided and misguiding others”(dall mudill)

    although his followers don't mention it al-Harari visited Shaykh Abd Allah Daghestani and Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani al-Qubrusi whilst he was in Damascus and he invented lies about Shaykh Abd Allah Daghestani after he left Damascus

    al-Harari lied and claimed Shaykh nazim was a business man in one of his books and his student Samir al-Qadi wrote a book filled with lies against Shaykh Nazim & another student Jamil Halim went a step further

    listen from 4:54

    The custodian of fatawa in Lebanon Shaykh Mukhtar Alayli (the uncle of Hisham Kabbani) only allowed al-Harari to stay in lebanon as long as he didn't preach but he broke that promise and started poisoning the minds of people

    Nizar al-Halabi & al-Harari invited Shaykh Said Ramadan al-Bouti to Lebanon and a few months after his visit they wrote a pamphlet slandering him

    a photo of their meeting

    Shaykh Rajab Dib was also slandered and he confronted al-Harari at his den in Beirut

    an account of what happened

    قصة الشيخ عبد الله الهرري مع الشيخ رجب ديب حفظه الله

    أصدر الشيخ الهرري - الأحباش - فتوى بتكفير سماحة الشيخ رجب ديب فما كان من سماحة الشيخ رجب - المعروف بحنكة وحكمة نادرة - بزيارة له لعله يعود إلى الله رغم ترجي مريدي الشيخ بعدم الذهاب لخطورة الزيارة وإمكانية اغتياله لكن أولياء الله لا يهابون إلا الله وقال له سماحة الشيخ رجب: لقد قمت بتكفيري .. وإنني أقولها أمامك أشهد أن لا إله إلا الله وأن سيدنا محمد رسول الله فماذا بعد هل لا زلت كافرا "برأيك؟ فبهت الهرري ولم يستطع الإجابة وفوجىء بالزيارة

    Jameel Halim slandering Shaykh Rajab Dib

    Shaykh Wahba Zuhayli & Shaykh Nuruddin Itr on al-Harari and Jamil Haleem

    Jameel Halim slandering Shaykh Wahba Zuhayli

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