Abhaas e Akheera

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    assuming that they have some hayaa. no one can silence the shameless deobandis like sarfaraz safdar, khalid mahmood, and lately in the english speaking world zameel and others who have no hayaa at all; which alahazrat said in tamhid e iman:

    makr-e-chaharum: inkaar ya'ani jis ne un bad-goyoN ki kitabeN na dekhiN us ke samne saaf mukar jatey hain ke un logoN ne yeh kalimat kaheeN na kahey; aur jo un ki chapee huwee kitabeN, taHreereN dikha deta hai, agar zee ilm huwa to naak chaRha kar muNh bana kar chal diye - ya aankhoN meiN aankheN Daal kar ba-kamal-e-be-Hayaayi saaf kah diya ke aap ma'aqul bhi kardijey to wahi kahey jaauNga. aur be-chara bey ilm huwa to us sey kah diya in ibaratoN ka yeh maTlab nahiN...aur aakhir hai kya?

    hoti aayi hai ke inkaar kiya kartey haiN
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    In the book, Alahazrat says if you agree to debate me, I will silence you in just 2 minutes.
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    Masha'Allah. It really is impressive; the gems that are stored away in this portal/forum...i wish this as a reminder.
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    The link to the work does not open, Sidi Aqdas can you please post it again
  7. with the exception of the burdah sharif i don't think any other poem about the prophet is or has been as widely recited as this one by ala hazrat in the whole of islamic history--esp. when you take the fact of modern communications technology into account. surely that is itself a sign for those whose hearts are not full of rancour.
  8. ala hazrat :ra: is the litmus test for subcontinental sunnis--only a munaafiq will hate him or a total ignoramus but such is his stature that few who claim to be interested in islam can be ignorant of him. alhamdulillah in almost every village in pakistan and in every town from every mosque [certainly in all of panjab and sindh] after the azaan the majestic verses of 'mustafa jaan e rahmat' ring out.
    it is a sign of his walayah!
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    laakh jalte raheiN dushmanaane raza
    kum na hoN ge kabhi madHa khaane raza
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    sayyidi alaHazrat says that he has no personal qualms with anybody. the duties that he undertakes to refute the insulters are for the sake of rasulAllah sallAllahu 'alaihi wasallam.

    molvi idris kandhalwi used to say that Allah will show benevolence to imam ahmad raza simply because of his love for rasulAllah sallAllahu 'alaihi wasallam. alaHazrat did not care for someone's status as a scholar and their robes and turbans. if they insulted, then alaHazrat wanted to save us innocent sheep of mustafa sallAllahu 'alaihi wasallam from falling into the fire.

    there aren't many scholars in history that have been as oppressed as alaHazrat. he is so misunderstood. he spent his life writing and preaching for the honour of our master 'alaihis salam and yet he is hated my millions. hatred for him shows where people's priorities lie.

    but, 'allama arshad al-qadri raHimahullah said it beautifully [reworded]:

    tum se jalne waale lakhoN haiN magar tum se muHabbat karne waale in se ka'i zyaada haiN.

    and as sayyid 'alawi makki raHimahullah said: love for him is a sign of sunnah and hatred is sign of bid'ah.
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    publishing books and attributing them to sunni akabir?!

    almost a cliche but it seems deobandis have decided to follow one hadith staunchly: if you have no shame, then do as you wish.

    Daal di qalb meiN 'azmate muSTafa
    sayyidi alaHazrat pe lakhoN salaam

    as pir sayyid muHammad 'irfan shah mash'hadi said yesterday, we sunnis do not say that the insulters are kafir because we are bound by alaHazrat's fatwa - we say that the insulters are kafir because we are bound by sayyidina rasulAllah sallAllahu 'alaihi wasallam.
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    every sunni who calls himself a follower of alaHazrat should read this and reflect how they should - or should not - respond to foul mouthed or personal attacks.

    alaHazrat is a true example of 'wa idha marru bi'l laghwi marru kirama'.

    sayyidi alaHazrat pey lakhoN salam.
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    this is alaHazrat's letter to ashraf ali thanwi in which he implores him and rasheed ahmad gangohi to answer the questions set by alaHazrat in his various works. he invites them in his letter to have a debate on the issues of disrespect.

    the sincerity of alaHazrat shines through from every line. all he wanted was to save the ummah from division and misunderstanding. he pleaded with the deobandis to answer his books and come face to face to have dialogue.

    personally, the urdu is not the easiest to understand but an intermediate level knowledge of urdu will give one the gist of the short book.
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