Adil Haqqani Calling King Charles A Sufi

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by Brother Barry, Sep 25, 2022.

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  1. Ahmadh

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    From 8:00 minutes

  2. Brother Barry

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    I can't for a minute believe Mufti Qasim sahib would ever behave like this, I have family members who have studied alongside them in Pakistan, others who have studied under them here in the UK and I myself have taken part in a number of their online classes some years ago and not one of us have ever witnessed any outburst from mufti sahib. Mufti sahib is a well mannered, civilised and balanced individual from everything we've seen of them.

    In years gone by we had a heated exchange on here due to your husn al dhann. It's good to see you've finally seen the light on this topic (don't take this as gloating as I mean it sincerely)
  3. Khanah

    Khanah Well-Known Member

    Our lot should have spoken on video directly so there could be no doubt but perhaps this guy wouldn't have agreed to speak to them. I doubt that this could possibly be true, mufti Qasim etc are not stupid enough to ask someone who says these kufri statements for dua after it became clear that he does believe those things. I can't possibly conceive of this and it sounds like an outright lie. Had this meeting been video recorded, it would have been better so there could be no doubt.
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  4. AR Ahmed

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    I repent from ever liking this group or having husn al-dhann for them. Shaykh Nazim Haqqani and his jama'at all have ajib-o-gharib aqa'id and ajib-o-gharib opinions.
  5. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    true, and nazim's cult is known for these lady-like passive-aggressive crocodile tears in public, as well as outright thuggery in private. (relevant aside - don't even be surprised if Gibril Haddad too rushes to their defense!)


    if at all this is also true, it makes us look like incompetent fools who have no idea what we're doing, will be very embarrassing if they have a video evidence for it


    same goes for this - again with the proviso if this is true

  6. Khanah

    Khanah Well-Known Member

    What's the point of issuing a clarification that clarified nothing. Especially the point regarding crying. No one believed this was meant literally. Despite this, even to attribute crying to our Lord metaphorically is itself kufr. This is a disgusting way to speak about Allah and is insulting and He is beyond such things being attributed to him, whether literal or metaphorical.
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  7. Sunni By Nature

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  8. Aqdas

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    Now this is a case in point where I did write against it on FB but didn't name Adil. If I did, I feared his followers would immediately be in defence mode and reject my points, even if logical, which I believe they were.

    Charles is a kafir. Head of the Church of England. An adulterer.

    Iman means to believe in the heart. Yet to be considered a Muslim, a person must declare his belief. If it only resides in the inner recesses of his heart, he may be a believer near Allah but not be considered a Muslim in the worldly sphere.

    Where has Charles ever professed being a Muslim? He is no general of the Mahdi and not a Sufi.

    Those who claim a portion of esotericism announce his faith on the one hand but in the same breath say Charles must keep his Islam a secret!

    If he's a Muslim in his heart, good. He will be dealt with justly in the hereafter. But all the rulings of a kafir apply to him until he announces his iman, therefore, he's a kafir to the world.

    It's dangerous for men with a Sunni following to go around saying he's Muslim as they will then view him as such and take his actions, good and bad, as meaningful and even a proof.

    Let's say for the sake of argument, he was a Muslim. He has done acts of kufr numerous times even since becoming king. How is he still considered a Muslim?

    I hope people don't go around preaching such in any gathering in the UK.
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  9. Khanah

    Khanah Well-Known Member

    It says it in the statement itself. These imams visited the individual and it became apparent he truly believed these statements. They're not going based on hajji's videos on YouTube.
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  10. Ali_Bash

    Ali_Bash Active Member

    Haji would have also got them snippets from somewhere unless you believe he would have sat for sometime watching Lokmans videos, even so it is possible the awam have presneted these snippets to the imams of the mosque. The document is present on their facebook page.
  11. Sunni By Nature

    Sunni By Nature Active Member

    That being said, shady individuals like Lokman Efendi, Ayberk Efendi, Eşref Efendi, Hassan Dyck, Nour Kabbani and Sayyid Nurjan Mirahmadi have large followings in America, Canada and Europe.

    Lokman is an ignoramus with no knowledge and he publicly admits that he is not a scholar. He was the Muqaddam of the late Shaykh Abdul Kerim al-Qubrusi who was the representative of Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani in New York and Lokman took control of his Zawiya when Shaykh Abdul Kerim suddenly died during a visit to Cyprus. Apart from being devoid of knowledge there have been many claims of spiritual and financial abuse by Lokman as well as the abuse of young women that have been swept under the carpet.

    Traditional non-English speaking Sunnis in Europe don’t associate Ayberk Efendi, Eşref Efendi and Hassan Dyck. The Europe based deputies of Shaykh Mahmud Efendi of the İsmailağa Jamat, Shaykh Abdulbaki Erol Husayni of the Menzil Jamat, Shaykh Osman Nuri Topbaş of the Kadıköy Jamat, Shaykh Uthman Sirajuddin and a branch of AICP / al-Ahbash in Germany that runs the massive Omar Moschee in Berlin tell people to keep away from them due to free-mixing in gatherings and peddling perennialism etc.

    They have had a growth in numbers of attendees in Europe over the past few years like al-Ahbash in Germany due to an influx of Syrian refugee men, women and children that these groups groom and many of the refugees are scholars too.

    As for Nurjan Mirahmadi, he is a former Shia turned Sunni and he runs his own Zawiya in Canada where he teaches Tasawwuf without having studied the texts under anyone.

    One of the ‘Nashids’ about the Mahdi recited at his gathering by his Murids

    another ‘Nashid’ about Imam Ali:

    This is an opera singer that Nurjan reverted reciting a Nashid in a mixed mawlid gathering that he presided over

    Nurjan kissing the hands of Justin Treduae

    If Shaykh Mehmet Adil does speak against these people and disassociate from them then they will not listen to him as they have set up their own Zawiyahs and no longer answer to him. One example of this is Shaykh Hisham al-Kabbani’s son Dr. Nour Kabbani making countless Aqidah blunders during gatherings in the UK and when Shaykh Mahmet ordered him not to hold gatherings again in the UK he ignored him and carried on visiting and holding gatherings.
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  12. Sunni By Nature

    Sunni By Nature Active Member

    How credible is this document as every claim against Lokman was taken from YouTube videos made by the UK based Athari Bro Hajji who has been critiquing Lokman for many months, and what actual research was done by the scholars in this document, did they just watch Hajjis videos ? this is an example of some of Hajjis videos:

  13. shahnawazgm

    shahnawazgm Veteran

    People should run far away from Nazim Qubrusi's cult in order to save their iman. Whether it be his son Adil, or his son in law Hisham, or that so called Nurjan, all are of the same feather!

    Let it sink in what Adil and Nurjan have been saying, that Charles follows the sufi tariqa. One just has to watch videos on this Kafir Charles to understand that he is not even Muslim, can't believe their murids are so ignorant. I just read through many of the comments in that video of Nurjan about Charles, how his followers are applauding Nurjan's statements about Charles. And in the other video of Adil where he says one just has to observe Charles to understand that he is a sufi, well of course, just look how he loves drinking, how his second son was so proud of killing a dozen Afghani's, how he eats haram things. Unbelievable how people can still follow this cult!
  14. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    Which scholars have refuted Adil Haqqani for this? Or is it because Nazim Haqqani is Sultan ul Awliya that his son gets a free pass?
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  15. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    It's probably about Lokman Effendi who I believe a lot of Haqqanis absolve themselves of.
  16. Khanah

    Khanah Well-Known Member

    For clarity, all of those points except the final are kufr. This individual is disgusting and not only is he not sunni, if he said those things, he is not Muslim. Is he connected to the nazim group and thus posted on this thread?
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  17. Abu Hafs

    Abu Hafs New Member

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  18. shahnawazgm

    shahnawazgm Veteran

    Just been reading the comments on that YouTube video. The people seem to be so enlightened by this idiot that they are in fact thanking him for imparting this special knowledge. I can't believe the state of these people that their intellect has been taken away from them!

    And this Nurjan is calling Charles by the name of "King Hussain". What are these so called realities that he keeps blabbering about, as if the public not knowing the appointment of Charles as king is in fact a sign of the Mahdi.

    Let me tell these idiots one thing for sure. Ignorants giving speeches and the jahil awaam attentively listening to them is indeed one of the signs of Qiyamah!
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  19. Abu Hafs

    Abu Hafs New Member

  20. shahnawazgm

    shahnawazgm Veteran

    Oh wow. The righteous Charles becoming king is one of the signs of Imam Mahdi. I didn't know that.

    I can only imagine what other secrets will be bestowed upon me if I were to become a mureed of this group.

    And if we aren't grateful to Allah for bestowing Charles upon us as our king we will get a slap on our face.

    Bear the above in mind before anyone dares to say anything negative on this forum!

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