Afzaliyyat and Qutbiyyat?

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  2. izz al-Din

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    can any learned brother respond?
  3. izz al-Din

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    Assalamu alaykum

    Can any learned brother mention the jamhur understanding of ahl al Sunna wal Jama, with regard to the following, Aqaid.

    if it is a Sahih understanding, of the brother, that the 'A'imma, said this?

    and any refernces from Ala Hadrat, Rahmatullahu Tala 'alayh?

    a brother said the following, edited:

    "The 'ulama said that there isn't any comparison between Sayyidatun-nisa til Jannah Fatima al Batul ('alayha salam) and Abu Bakr as Siddiq al akbar.

    They are of two different kinds.

    None is like the Ahl al Bayt!

    And the greatest Companion is as-Siddiq!

    The learned usually avoid comparing the two."


    "The 'ulama have discussed before whether Abu Bakr as Siddiq al Akbar or Imam Mahdi al Muntadhar is greater.

    Obviously it settled upon Abu Bakr as being the highest-ranking non-prophet ever.

    But the point is that...the fact that it was even discussed points to the high degree of Imam al Mahdi.

    May God be pleased with both of these luminous souls."


    "According to Imam Subki and other scholars Sayyiduna Abu Bakr Siddiq was the greatest wali among men and Sayyidah Fatimah is the greatest wali among both men and women after the Prophets.That is,she was even superior to Sayyiduna Abu Bakr Siddiq.That was because,the Prophet descibed her as a `flesh from his body'."


    "Sayyiduna Abu Bakr was unanimously believe to be the greatest man after the Prophets.It was you who asked whether Sayyidah Fatimah was greater than Abu Bakr or not,and I mentioned the opinion of Imam Subki and other scholars who considered Fatimah to be greater.Shaykh Nabhani discussed that in details in his book:Sharf al-Mu'abbad Li Aali Muhammad."


    "Shaykh Nabahani quoted Sayyidah A'isha saying that:I have not seen anybody greater than Fatimah except her Father...and Abu Dhar Ghifari said:the Prophet said that:<Fatimah is a flesh from my body> and I will never equate the flesh of the Prophet with anybody. (Sharf al-Mu'abbad,pg.59).

    According to the book:Nur ul-Absar,by Shaykh Shiblanji Shafi'i,the position of Qutbaniyyah was firstly given to Fatimah after the death of the Prophet,it was only after her death that the position was given to Abu Bakr,then Umar,then Uthman,and then Ali,then Hassan and then Hussein,etc."
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