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  1. Aqdas

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    on p.58/9 of v.27 of fatawa ridawiyyah, alaHazrat says that such aHadith have narrators that were liars.
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    Shaykh Muhammad Abu Zahra, the great Egyptian scholar and theologian in his book 'The Four Imams : their lives, works and schools of thought' (english translation by Aisha Bewley) states:

    Deriving a true picture of Abu Hanifa from the books of history and biographies is not easy since the adherents of his school have been excessive in their praise, going beyond acceptable bounds, and his detractors have been equally intemperate in their criticism. When faced with these two extremes, the investigator who seeks only the truth may be confused and this uncertanity can only be resolved with difficulty and great effort. (Page 115).

    People were partisan about him to the extent that some people practically put him in the ranks of the Prophets and claimed that the Torah gave the good news of him and that Muhammad :sas: had mentioned him by name and stated that he was the Lamp of his Community. They attributed to him endless virtues and qualities and exalted him above his rank. On the other hand, some people were partisan against him to a fanatical extent, accusing him of being a heretic and of leaving the path, corrupting the deen and abondoning the Sunnah. Indeed, they accused him of contradicting it and giving fatwas regarding the deen without evidence or clear authority. Some of them went to excess in attacking him and were not content with unfounded falsification, but were so intensely hostile that they attacked his deen, personality and faith. (Page 118).
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    i have read in some places ahadith that explicitly mention the name of imam abu hanifa. how valid are they?

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