ahle sunnat wa jama'at

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  1. I once heard a certain individual say wal jimaa which is much worse.
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    shouldn't leading scholars know better than to repeat this two dozen times in one speech? i mean, if one is the local hafiz, it's forgivable but if one claims to be the next best thing, then we are surely living near the end times.
  3. if it is got this in the spelling: '-e-', know that it's a farsi construct state.

    the -e- or -i- bit in the middle is the -al- etc in Arabic IDaafah (construct state)

    kuh-i-noor = jabal al-noor.

    indo/pak: ehl i hadiis = ahl al-Hadeeth etc. The 'ahl' is written with a cutting hamazah not a connecting one- Tho I'm aware that the Qurayshi tribe did not hav a hamza in their phonemic inventory.
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    is this right:

    gramatically, you can write ahle sunnat wa jama'at but not ahle sunnat wa'l jama'at ?

    اهل سنت و جماعت
    You can write this

    اهل سنت والجماعت
    This is gramatically wrong

    اهل السنة والجماعة
    You can write
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