al-dawlah al-makkiyah

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    al-Dawlatu’l Makkīyah bi’l Māddati’l Ghaybīyyah by alaHazrat has been translated into simplified urdu.

    the translator is pirzada iqbal ahmad faruqi of lahore. he said that hujjatu'l islam's urdu was scholarly and also 70 years old. hence, it was difficult for the layman.

    this is a great effort as it delivers one of alaHazrat's masterpieces to the masses.

    the late prof. dr. mas'ud ahmad has written the prologue. it is published by maktaba nabwiya, ganj bakhsh rd, lahore and the price stated is Rs. 200 though they say one can obtain it cheaper.

    the book also has around 100 taqariz [attestations] and some background to why the book was written and the hypocrisy of khalil, the razil, ambethwi.

    total of 248 pages.

    also available from:

    zia ul qur'an publications
    qadri rizwi kutub khana
    noori kutub khana
    maktaba alaHazrat
    karmaanwala book shop
    maktabatu'l ilm
    darbar market, ganj bakhsh rd, lahore

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