Al Dawlatul Makkiya and Al Ijaazatul Mateenah

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    The books are also available from knowledge and wisdom, on stratford road birmingham.
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    For those of you who have purchased the books some feedback would be most appreciated both positive or otherwise.
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    As some of you may be aware we have recently published 2 of Imam Ahmad Raza Khans books, the books are in English and Arabic:
    Al Dawlatul Makkiya
    Al Ijazaatul Mateenah

    To purchase these books you can contact me on, price £15 each (excluding delivery), or alternatively you can order from

    For those living in Bradford can purchase them from Book centre or LivingIslam.

    Intro to the books is attached.

    Translation done by Shaykh Abdul Haadi Al Qadiri

    Front covers

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