al-ghawth and al-mujaddid

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    An anecdote:Hadrat Imâm Rabbânî Ahmad Fârûqî Sirhindî ‘quddisa sirruh’

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    Imam Sirhindi on the 'madad'(assistance) of Gaws al A'zam

    Mabda> wa Ma<ad
    [The Origin and the Return]
    The Great Mujaddid
    Ahmad Sirhindi
    [Translation: Irshad Alam ]
    “Through the special grace of Allah taala, I was elevated to an even higher station[maqam] and at one time reached at the root [asl] of mixed shadows [zilliat.] As in the previous station(s?) [maqam], I attained extinction and sustenance [fana and baqa] on this station [maqam] as well. From there on, I was elevated to the root [asl]
    station [maqam] and reached the root of the roots [asl of asl]. During this last ascent[<uruj] through which one can realize being elevated to the root [asl] station[maqam], I received the spiritual [ruhani] madad (assistance) of Hadhrat The Great Succour [Ghausul Azam] Muhyiuddin Abdul Qadir Jilani (may Allah sactify his secrets - qaddasallahu sirruh). Through his ethereal powers, [he] assisted me in
    traversing this station [maqam] and to reach the root of the roots [asl of asls]. From thereon, I was returned to the physical realm. As a result, the former stations [maqam] started coming back.”
    [Minha 1_The Attraction and the Wayfaring (Jadhba and suluk)]
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    salam alaikum all,

    after browsing through imam rabbani's (rahimahullah) maktubat shareef i found mention of various awliya such as Muhyiudin ibn Arabi (rahimahullah) and others. I couldn't find anything on Ghawth al-A`dham (radiya Allahu anhu). Imam Rabbani has one letter on the naqshbandi tariqa being the greatest of all tariqas but nothing on the qadiriyya as far as i could find. Did Imam Rabbani not consider shaykh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani (radiya Allahu anhuma) as the sultan al-awliya? if anyone has any references to where the ghawth is mentioned in the maktubat shareef that would be really good...

    appreciate the info.


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