al-kutub al-mukawwinah li'l-fikr al-Islami al-Sunni [Deleted]

Discussion in 'Resources' started by abu Hasan, Mar 19, 2017.

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  1. abu Hasan

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    sure, the guys at sunnipubs probably count every dollar and perhaps it is loss of income for every pdf that is downloaded. royal coffers may not be concerned with a few dollars, that paupers get jittery about..

    however, i don't want to draw the royal ire of a royal publishing house. so methinks it is better get rid of it.
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  2. Haqbahu

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    This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
  3. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    this is published by the same jordanian royal press, that prince ghazi is involved. so be careful.

    bibliographies are from our tradition, and one such famous work is bustan al-muhaddithin of shah abd al-aziz dihlawi raHimahullah, where he mentioned about a 100 books in hadith and related sciences. similar is the extensive work of shaykh muhammad jafar al-kattani named risalah mustatrafah. i have been listing the books in each work for a project i was working on; the first list of bustan is easier, but the latter is tedious. [of the 177 pages of the printed work, i reached until 47 with a listing of 150 books.]

    naturally, i was interested in this 'reader's guide' but it is pretty disappointing. it is not organised well, and has howlers too.

    for example, on p.51, the sharh of bayquniyyah is attributed to bayquni and shaykh abdullah sirajuddin is only listed as the editor. [because in the footnote, dar al-falaH is credited as the publisher, which is the same as shaykh sirajuddin Halabi's commentary]. unless, of course that dar al-falaH have indeed published a sharH of bayquniyah by the author himself, with shaykh sirajuddin as the editor.

    on p.14 of the book, he lists zamakhshari's kash'shaf as a sunni work - without mentioning that he is a mu'tazili.

    on p.25 fat'H al-qadir of shawkani is mentioned, without mentioning that shawkani has zaydi leanings and is fondly mentioned by salafis.

    on p.26 manar of rashid rida is mentioned.

    p.69 eethar al-Haqq of hadi (ibn al-wazir, search the forum) is mentioned in aqayid, where he notes that he is a zaydi scholar.

    p.74 risalah tawHid of "imam" abduh...

    p.107 majmu' al-fatawa of "imam" ibn taymiyyah

    on p. 152 mukashafatu'l qulub is attributed to ghazali, as is known generally, though upon research it is false attribution.

    what is the list based on? it has advanced works such as sharH al-maqaSid, and even futuhat al-makkiyyah of ibn arabi.
    it is a very muDtarib list and unorganised and there are glaring omissions, two quick ones:

    kitab al-shifa is missing in the sirah section (one quick read. if i am wrong, please note it in a reply)
    radd al-muhtar and various other works missing in the hanafi works section

    Allah ta'ala knows best.

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  4. Haqbahu

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