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    Anfas al-Arifin: A Journey to Ajmer

    Hazrat Shah Waliullah al-Dehlawi mentions the following story,with approval, in his wonderful ‘Anfas al-Arifin’ regarding his father Shaykh Abd al-Rahim al-Dehlawi(qs)’s miracles. Shah Sahib said pg.134:

    "He[Shaykh Abd al-Rahim al-Dehlawi] said: Muhammad Fazil wanted to send his son to Ajmer[FOR ZIYARA] and due to the presence of danger of the route also wanted to go with him. When he came to bid farewell I said to him: “Your going is not necessary because he will return safely, yes however two stops (manzil) from Ajmer bandits will attack the caravan and his protection is our responsibility. But explain to him that at this time to move his cart to one side”.

    When this time came Hazrat focussed towards there and during his focus discomfort was evident on his body. Those present all asked so he replied that an arduous journey of some days has tired me.

    When that boy returned he informed that there were bandits there, I moved my cart to one side, there the image of Hazrat’s form was present. The bandits looted the whole caravan but my cart was protected."[Adapted from:] How can such a scholar write that journey to Ajmer is Shirk?
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    Shaykh Huseyin Hilmi Isik's Views

    The Turkish Hanafi Scholar Shaykh Huseyin Hilmi Isik an-Naqshbandi , wrote , "The Ahl as-Sunnat scholars wrote many books in order to refute the Tabligh group and to reveal the fact that they were heretics. They could not answer these books at all. Hadrat Mawlana 'Abd al-'Alim Siddiqi wrote that Ilyas's teachers were in an endeavor to demolish Islam from within." [This is written in detail also in the books al-mustanad, Usul al-arba'a fi tardid al-Wahhabiyya, ad-dawlat al-Makkiyya and Hediyya-t-ul-Mehdiyyin, which were reproduced in Istanbul in 1395 (1975).]
    When Ilyas died in 1363 (1949) the successor was his son, Muhammad Yusuf Kandhlawi [b. Delhi, 1335 (1917); d. Lahore, buried Delhi, 1394 (1974)]. Yusuf's three-volume book, Hayat-us-Sahaba, was translated into Turkish and published in 1395 (1975). Because as-Sahaba are praised much in this book it arouses admiration in the reader. But there is a famous saying: "Judge a man by his actions, not by his words." One who believes in the superiority of as-Sahaba and loves them has to follow in their path, which is the path shown by the Ahl as-Sunnat scholars. The sign of love for as-Sahaba is to learn the fiqh books of one of the four Ahl as-Sunnat madhhabs, to endeavor to disseminate this knowledge and to live up to it. Muhammad Yusuf was succeeded by his son, Shaikh In'am al-Hasan, who was the hadith teacher at Mazahir-i 'Ulum Madrasa in Saharanpur, India. Abu 'l-Hasan 'Ali Nadwi, the director of Nadwat al-ulama' [founded in Lucknow, India in 1310 (1891)], praises al-Imam ar-Rabbani Ahmad as-Sirhindi and his services in his book Ad-da'wat al-Islamiyya [Lucknow, 1395 (1975)], but adds his praises for Ismail Dahlawi (killed in 1246), Nadhir Husain Dahlawi (d. 1320), the madrasa in Diobend which was founded by Muhammad Qasim Nanawtawi [d. 1317 (1899)], one of the Khulafa' of Imdad-ullah, in 1288 (1871), Ashraf Ali Tahanawi (d. 1362), the Tabligh group and its founder, Muhammad Ilyas. This faqir, the author, has read the book Taqwim al-bayan, Persian translation of Ismail Dahlawi's Taqwiyat al-iman [Pakistan, 1396 (1976)] and come to the conclusion that Ismail is not only a sheer ignoramus but also a non-madhhabi idiot who strives to censure the right by alloying it with the wrong. May Allahu ta'ala protect Muslims from reading and believing such heretical writings and falling into endless calamity! Amin!"
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    Dr. Muhammad Abdul Haq Ansari's quote:

    Dr. Muhammad Abdul Haq Ansari , the former Amir (president) of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind &author of the research work ,Sufism and Shariah: A Study of Shaykh Ahmad Sirhindi’s Effort to Reform Sufism, The Islamic Foundation, Leicester, U.K. 1985;,quotes Fuyudul Haramain,of Shah Sahib,from Urdu,on the Saintly Way of Sufi Prophet (s)'s attitude to the Sufi Way)___(in the words pf Shah Waliyullah),"---my impression is that Prophet (saws) did not have a good opinion about it ,nor did he like it-His(saws) life symbolized the first Way (Prophetic Way) of approaching to God.----}[page 67] [Wali Allah,Fuyud-l Haramayn . ArabicText wth Urdu Trans.(Deoband,Rahimiyah,p50}It seems to be a fabrication.Any idea?
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    Miladu Nabi (saws)

    Shah Waliullah Muhaddith-e-Dehlvi writes,
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    Abul a'la Mawdudi'is Contribution to this Forgery:

    Sayyid Abul A'la Mawdudi , a religion reformer of Indo-Pak Subcontinent who passed away 30 years ago , in his book 'a short history of revivalist movement in Islam' endorses this forgery as if authored by Shah Sahib (rah)
    and he adds "But as a matter of principle, any person who prays a dead one for the fulfillment of his desires, thinking that he is alive , corrupts his heart with sin".( as an extract from Tafhimat).
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    Two significant conclusions drawn by the French scholar Marc Gaborieau on his landmark study of the forged text 'Al-Balagh al-Mubin' in the name of Hazrat Shah Waliyullah Muhaddis Dehlawi(qs), referred to in post #10
    Radical teachings of Hanbalis [Ibn Taimiyyah and Ibn Qayyim and one Ahmad Rumi ] appeared in India in the Nineteenth Century only [after 1818.AD and that too in the circles of Sayyid Ahmad Barelvi and Shah Ismai’il.]
    It was purposely forged by people who wanted to avail themselves of the undisputed authority of Shah Waliullah and for this reason forged in Persian language , though by that time Urdu had become the usual medium for controversies.
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    An excerpt from The Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him And His Family) The Proof Of Allah’s Majesty And The Bringer Of The Divine Law, a lecture delivered by Hazrath Maulana Muhammad Shafi Okarvi (may Allah be well pleased with him) at:

    Shaikh al-Muhaddithin Hazrath Allama Shah Abd al-Haq Muhaddith Dehlvi (may Allah be well pleased with him):
    Do you realize what a great personality he is? We accept him as great but his proximity to Allah and greatness is accepted by those opposed to our beliefs also. Molvi Ashraf Ali Thanvi[7] has written about Shah Abd al-Haq Muhaddith Dehlvi (may Allah be well pleased with him), that daily he was blessed with the vision of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him and his family) in his dreams. Such Ulama are called Huzuri wale Ulama . Meaning that they present themselves (haazir) daily at the Holy Court of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him and his family) and thereby receive solutions to many problems from the audience with the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him and his family).

    This great personality, Shaikh al-Muhaddithin Hazrath Allama Shah Abd al-Haq Muhaddith Dehlvi (may Allah be well pleased with him), says about this Hadith:

    Dar hadithe sahih aam da ast Awwalu ma khalaqallahu noori
    It is reported in sound sayings of the Holy Prophet that the Holy Prophet stated, ‘The first thing or being that Allah created first is my light (nur)’ ​

    Listen to another Hadith. My respected elders and friends, listen attentively to this next Hadith that I am about to present to you. Imame Ajal, Imam Abd ar-Razaq (may Allah be well pleased with him) who is the teacher of a great personality like Hazrath Imam Ahmad Hamnbal (may Allah be well pleased with him) one of the four Imams of Islamic Law (fiqh). Imam Abd ar-Razaq, is also the grand teacher of Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim[8]. Hazrath Imam Ahmad Hamnbal says that I have never seen another Imam to match Imam Abd ar-Razaq’s knowledge of Hadith. This great Imam, Abd ar-Razaq has presented this Hadith with its chain of narration. This is a ‘high-ranking’ (marfu) Hadith. In case anyone objects and speak out after I leave therefore I present to you another reference for this Hadith. Molvi Ashraf Ali Thanvi has written a book on the life of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him and his family) called ‘Nashrut teeb fi zikre Habeeb’. I have this book in my possession at this very instant. He has a chapter in this book called, Section One: ‘A discourse on the light of Muhammad’ (pehli fasl, Nure Muhammadi ke bayaan.). He has quoted this Hadith and given a commentary. I will relate it to you in the Arabic.

    Removal Of Hadith And Statements From Original Books Of Great Scholars
    Before I relate this Hadith I would like to tell you one more thing. Imam Qastalani (may Allah be well pleased with him) has reproduced this Hadith in the commentary of Sahih Bukhari (Sharahe Sahih Bukhari) and given the reference of Imam Abd ar-Razaq’s (may Allah be well pleased with him) book al-Musannaf. Thanvi Sahib has also reproduced this Hadith and given the same reference. Great imam’s have quoted this Hadith and have given the reference of Imam Abd ar-Razaq’s (may Allah be well pleased with him) book al-Musannaf.

    These present followers of Deoband are reprinting this book al-Musannaf that has been quoted as a reference by great Imams as well as their Deobandi Molvi Ashraf Ali Thanvi. These Deobandis have removed this Hadith from the reprint of al-Musannaf (translators note: the year 1960 to1970). They have removed and deliberately omitted this Hadith from the original source. If you don’t want to accept the Hadith then do so but why did you remove and deliberately omit this Hadith from the original source? So these people are ‘Thieves of Hadith’. They steal the Hadith of the Holy Prophet. Some thieves steal money, rob stores or homes but they steal from the Hadith of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him and his family). Is this not stealing? Rejecting is something else but to remove the Hadith from the source book cannot be tolerated by any person in the world that loves justice. This is a crime and offense. I convened a conference in the city of Karachi and named the conference ‘Thieves of the Religion’ (Din ke Chor). At this conference I made many references to where these people have removed texts from original sources[9].

    The Supreme Helper (Ghaus al-Azam), The Beloved of The Most Powerful (Mahboobe Subhaani), Shaykh Sayyid Abd al-Qaadir, of Gilan (al-Jilaani) (may Allah be well pleased with him) has written a famous book Futuuh al-Ghaib (Revelations of the Unseen). The Wahabbis have reprinted this book in Karachi. Ghaws al-Azam says in this book that an ‘Intimate of Allah’ (Waliullah) when he reaches the state of being ‘A Spiritual Axis’ (Qutbiyat) and being ‘The Mightiest Helper ’ (Ghawsiyat) then he is given the power by Allah’s leave to say, ‘Be’ (kun) (Wa qab yuraddoh illaihi tatweer). When this Qutb or Ghaws says, ‘kun’ then whatever he wills to be, becomes. In the Wahabbis reprint of this book they have removed this statement since it conflicts with their beliefs.

    Shah Abd al-Aziz Muhaddith Dehlvi (may Allah be well pleased with him) has written a book against the Shia, called, ‘Towfa Ithna Asharia’ and in this book he has written that the Shia, say the we the Sunnis are the enemies of the Household of the Prophet (Ahl al-Bayt). In our defense Shah Abd al-Aziz Sahib says that how can we be the enemies of the ‘Household of the Prophet’ (Ahl al-Bayt) since we, The followers of the Holy Prophet’s Sunnah and the Sunnah of the congregation of his Companions (ahle Sunnah wa jamaat) accept all the Awliya of ahle Sunnah wa jamaat, accept all the Spiritual Masters of the four Sufi Orders and we remember Imam Hassan and Hussain (may Allah be well pleased with them) and feed in their blessed memory (nazro niaz). So if we are enemies of the Household of the Prophet (Ahl al-Bayt) then why do we remember Imam Hassan and Hussain (may Allah be well pleased with them) and feed in their blessed memory. The entire ahle Sunnah wa jamaat and their pious elders remember Imam Hassan and Hussain and feed in their blessed memory. These Wahabbis and Deobandis, who really reject the remembrance of Imam Hassan and Hussain, have reprinted Shah Abd al-Aziz Muhaddith Dehlvi’s, book ‘Towfa Ithna Asharia’ and have removed this statement from the book since it is in conflict with their beliefs.

    If you don’t accept nazro niaz then don’t accept it but why have you changed the books of great scholars. Why do you steal from the texts? So tell me what did the Jews do? Did they not conceal the name of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him and his family) from the Torah? These (hypocrites) are concealing the great attributes of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him and his family) from the Qur’aan and Ahadith. I am not speaking falsely I say it with conviction. Any thing I state I state with certainty since to accuse anyone falsely is a major sin. Why am I making such a commotion about this? Tell me, he whose home is being plundered, does he not make a noise? My house is being plundered, since my simple Sunni brothers, who believe like me, are becoming victims of their deception and lies. My house is being plundered; those who have my beliefs (aqida) are changing. Why should I not bark since I am a dog of the Holy Court of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him and his family). When a thief arrives does not a dog bark and make a noise? The dog is a trustworthy servant and he protects the source of his sustenance. I am a dog of the Holy Court of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him and his family) and am sustained by the bits and pieces of this Holy Court. So being his dog I warn you with an outcry, to protect yourselves from these thieves. Protect your Iman.

    I swear by Allah (Almighty and Glorious is He) that this life of mine is an offering (waqf) on the name of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him and his family). This life has been put on the line on many occasions. They have tried on numerous occasions to injure and murder me. Allah has always protected me. In this big gathering, I swear by Allah, and state that I have received glad tidings (bashaarat) from the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him and his family) that none can harm me. I am not accusing without proof. I have the proof in my possession and my protector is the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him and his family). My protectors are the Awliya. If this life is sacrificed on their name, then let a thousand such lives be sacrificed on the soil that touch their blessed feet. I swear by Allah that I don’t have a personal grudge or enmity against anybody. If they return to the fold of truth, in the servitude of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him and his family), and praise him, then I am prepared to carry their shoes.

    I keep on telling them to abuse me but refrain from abusing and insulting the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him and his family). How can I keep quiet knowing their transgressions and injustice being perpetrated on the Community of Believers, being an eyewitness to this sacrilege? What answer will I give the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him and his family) on the Day of Reckoning? The Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him and his family) will ask, “People used to kiss your hand, garland you and shower you with presents because you used to take my name and when my personality was being blasphemed, and my sayings were being removed from books you kept quiet.” Those who swear me, do so! I have no fear, for I will present myself at the Holy Court of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him and his family) and say, ‘Master! I ate the bits and pieces of your Holy Court and I have been faithful. I did as much as I could. So please accept my servitude to you, for I consider it enough for my salvation.’ Note what I am saying. I swear by Allah that I don’t have a personal grudge or enmity against anybody. I oppose those who blaspheme the personality and status of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him and his family) because this is disrespect to the Holy Prophet’s status.

    The start and the rest of this lecture can be read at:

    Other MUST READ translated into English lectures of Hazrat Molana Mohammed Shafee Okarvi R.A. can be read online at:

    These translated lectures have been published in book format under the title Discourses of Love and can be bought (scroll right down) at:

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    Ibn Taymiyya / Shah Wali Allah by Shaykh. G. F. Haddad

    Under the title 'Ibn Taymiyya / Shah Wali Allah / Ibn `Abd al-Barr'
    [by Sh. G. F. Haddad]

    as quoted:
    al-Hafidh Imam Hujjatul Allah Shah Wali Allah al-Dahlawi ( A Sufi and Wali of Allah ) said in his book Maktoobat ma3a manaqib al-Imam Bukhari wa Fa'daail Ibn Taymiyyah ( published in Farsi and Arabic and in the Indian Sub continent known as Maktoobat Imam Shah Wali Allah Dahlawi ) page 18-23:
    Explaining this Shaykh Jibril Haddad writes:

    Shaykh G.F.Haddad's excellent refutation of Ibn Taymiyyah:
    Ahmad ibn Taymiyya (661-728) A Brief Survey
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    Al-Tafhimat al-Ilahiyyah -Shah Waliullah Dahlawi_ Another ‘worm’ ?

    Al-Tafhimat al-Ilahiyyah -Shah Waliullah Dahlawi
    Quote about the Arch Bishop of Salafiyyah , Ibn Taymiyyah
    ? Another Forgery into Tafhimat-i Ilahiyya.
    Quoted by one the notable modern day lover and follower of Ibn Taymiyyah , the pro-Deobandi Scholar Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi Sahib ,as if written by Shah Sahib.
    [ Jala ‘al-‘Ainan p64 as cited from Tafhimat-i Ilahiyya
    ‘Hakim-ul- Islam Shah Waliullah ‘ p117-By Sayed Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi]
    I don’t know why He had given indirect reference to Tafhimat.
    I have already quoted the fatwa of Shah Abdul Aziz Muhaddis Dehlawi.(Rah), eldest son and successor of Hazrat Shah Waliyullah Dehlawi.(Rah) refuting Ibn Taymiyyah , about whom Imam Ibn Hajar al-Hythami (rah) had written that 'He was misguided and leading others to misguidance',(Ali Miyan Nadwi being a prominent example) in post #10
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    Deobandi maslak and Shah Ismai'il Dehlavi

    1]One of the revered among pioneer scholars of Deoband school Maulana Rasheed Ahmed Gangohi in his authoritative work ‘Fatawa Rasheediya’ states about Shah Ismaeel Shaheed:
    Fatawa Rasheediya Kamil, pages 218-219 (Maktaba Rahmaniya, Lahore)
    2] The Salafi publisher of the English translation of ‘Taqwiyatul Iman’ (Strengthening the faith) writes:
    [Taqwiyatul Iman [English] page 9 (Daar-us-Salam Publications, Riyadh-Saudi Arabia)]
    3] A Deobandi mufti :

    [Mufti Muhammad Ashraf- Jamia Mahmoodiyah.Springer]

    [FONT=&quot]But the Mask is here:The Deobandi's official website omits Shah Ismai'il and instead has:[/FONT]

    So the fabrications need to be forever.


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    Deobandis on Abaqat

    Deobandis, as ‘our internet mujthahid’ often quote the ‘Abaqat’ prove that Shah Ismail was indeed a sunni forever, as in his article “Shattering the Wahhabi Myths surrounding Shah Isma‘il Shahid_[An original article_By Saad Khan ]

    On the strength of this work the deobandi writes that ‘Allamah Shah Muhammad Isma’il Shahid Dahlawi was a great scholar, Muhaddith, Sufi and Reformer.

    Indeed he was all that are mentioned till he wrote his disastrous work ‘Taqwiyatul Iman’(in Urdu) , published in 1242.AH. after Hajj , said to be under the influence of ALI ASH-SHOUKANI (d.1250.AH ) of Yemen , a Zaydi Shiah scholar who had adopted Wahabism, which was an exposition of ‘Raddul Ishrak’(Persian) of Sayyed Ahmed Bareli, his own shaykh who wrote it based upon or ‘Kitabu Tawhid’ of Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahab ,and as adapted to Indian context, making some changes so as to look like an original work.

    The Deobandi had reproduced Ismai’il Dehlwi’s article on the truth of Ahlu sunnah to prove the that Ismai’il Dehlawi was a sunni
    When we compare these passage with a single passage from ‘Taqwiatul Iman’
    [Under_customs are shirk]

    In the print edition there some differences .—as –1-instead of commandments of law ‘ the text has ‘to those of Hadiths’and 2- even to consider the Sayings’ of Apostle to be the code of Islam’ 3-instead of Father, Grand father , the word is just ‘ancestors’(are polytheism),as translated by Badar Azimabadi _Published by Adam publishers.Delhi]

    [FONT=&quot] How can a same person with the same undiluted faith of his predecessors write both?. He mixes truth with falsehood and cleverly differentiates ‘the way of imams and mujthahids’ from that of Holy Qur’an and Traditions as if both are different. If this is not wahabism Shah Ismail Dehlawi is not a Wahabi. Are we the judges to judge whether the imams and saints are inside or outside the law?

    In short, according to ‘Abaqat’ the Muqallids are on the Right Path and according to ‘Taqwiyatul Iman, we have to be’Mujthahids’ by ourselves in order to be saved from all traces of ‘shirk’. How can we reconcile both?
    [/FONT] He again wrote under ' The Kitab al-Tawhid Myth'
    (?!) It is the irony of Deobandi ideology that they love both ‘Abaqat’ and ‘Taqwiyatul Iman’ together. They make Shah Ismai’il a sunni and depend upon forgeries in the works of Sah Waliyullah(Rah) to prove that he had ideas like Ibn Abdul Wahab! Shah Ismai’il Dehlawi himself and his immediate successors needed the authority of Shah Sahib in order to justify their ‘Neo-Tawhid’ and therefore the successions of interpolations and forgeries in Shah Waliyullah’s works.
    The Pro- deobandis like Sayyed Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi Sahib too had such imaginary views.

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    Shah Muhammad Ismai’il Dehlwi (b.1193.AH) (The Sunni stage)

    Shah Muhammad Ismai’il Dehlwi (b.1193AH) who was the solitary son of Shah Abdul-Ghani, the last son of Shah Waliullah Muhaddith Delhlawi, wrote in his preface to ‘Abaqat’(Diffusions of Perfume) which he had written when Shah Abdul Aziz Dehlawi(Rah) was still alive , a work on mystical philosophy as a commentary to ‘SATA’AT’ and ‘LAMAHAT’, explaining Wahdatul Wujud &Wahdatul Shuhud in a noble way, of his Great grandfather, which He wrote while he was still under his paternal family influence before his conversion to Reformism.
    [His uncles were Shah Abdul Aziz Muhaddith, Shah Rafiuddin Muhaddith and Shah Abdul-Qadir Muhaddith Dehlwi.RAH.]
    He again wrote:

    [Ishara 4 ‘Abaqa 6 pp 252-53_ABAQAT]
    It is pity that such a scholar and saint too , became the originator of whole misguidance later in his life.

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    Shah Shah Wali Allah (Qutb al-Din Ahmad ibn Abd al-Rahim) (1703-62)

    Who was Shah Sahib?
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    The Factors which led to Fabrications in Shah sahib's works

    As per my understanding the first and foremost is the conversion of Shah ismai'il Dehlavi from the pure unadulterated Sunni Creed to the Reformist Creed of 'Indian Wahabism'. InshaAllah I will provide the evidences especially for the former which is less known than the later
    The incidence is bewildering.The lesson is from
    Another translation has it:
    “And recite to them the story of the one whom We gave Our verses, then he wriggled out himself from them, so the Satan overtook him and he became one of the perverted. [I75]
    And if We so willed, We would have
    elevated him thereby, but he clung to the earth and followed his desire. So, his example is like the example of a dog, if you attack him, he pants, and if you leave him alone he pants. That is the example of those who belied our signs. So, relate the chronicles, so that they may ponder!' [I76]
    Evil is the example of those who have belied
    our signs and have been doing wrong to themselves. [I77]

    The Deobandi Commentator wrote:
    Imam Ibn Kathir(Rah) wrote:


    At least one of the explanations will fit Shah Ismai'il.
    In one Bal'am went against(prayed) Musa(AS) and in the second Shah Ismai'il used disrespectful words against the chief of Prophets Muhammad Musthafa(saws).
    May Allah protect us.Ameen
    (To be continued)
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    Whom to follow?_Re claiming Shah Sahib from Fabricators.

    Rashid Ahmad Gangohi , the chief pseudo mystic of Deoband (Fake Qutb and Mujaddid and even imam-i rabbani)had claimed that in his age guidance and entry
    to paradise are only for those who had followed him![Tazkiratu rashid]
    (a claim born out of severe mystical error due to false aqida).
    But Shah waliyullah(Rah) was not of that sort and he had only advised to follow the Ahle Sunnah Scholars of the past centuries,as if a karamah bestowed upon him by Allahu Ta'ala so as to clean him off the mass fabrications in his works.He wrote:
    [FONT=Verdana,Helvetica,Arial] [Shah Wali-Allah ad-Dahlawi, Izalat al-Khafa 'an khilafati'l-Khulafa'. v II. p. 377, Karachi, 1372.] [/FONT]
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    The deobandi continues to wastes his time and writes:

    When the power of comprehension is lost, people fail to understand simple things.
    Let us see what Shaykh Mawlana Abul Hasan Zayd Faruqi al -azhari (Rh) writes on this fabricated statement.

    He writes:
    “This servant says the one who corrupted the book of Shah Sahib by bringing this statement is totally unaware about the rules and principles of shariah. He does not know that to declare the reward or punishment of any act to be above the reward or punishment of those acts which has been declared fard e qatai or haram e qatai is the authority of AllaH and His rasul sal allahu alayhi wa sallam. No one else can do this” [ scan attached]

    [Al qawl al-jali fi dhikr al athar al –wali, p.5&6]

    It would have been better for this deobandi to have read and understood this matter instead of labeling Shaykh Mawlana Abul Hasan Zayd al- azhari (Rh) as bida’ati!

    Other scholars who are authority on the life and work of Shah Waliullah, who have written about this fabricated quote in Al –Tafhimat al-Ilahiyyah and other fabrication in Shah Waliullah’s book are:
    • Mawlana Hakeem Syed Mahmood Barkati (Rh)- Al qawl al-jali p.54, Shah Waliullah aur unka Khandan ,p 53, where he has devoted an entire chapter on fabrications.
    • Mawlana Shaykh Abul Hasan Zayd Faruqi al – Naqshbandi (Rh)- As quoted above.
    • Mawlana Syed Farooq al-Qadri (Rh) - In his translation of Anfas al ‘aarifeen, p. 28 where he talks about this specific fabrication along with many other fabrications.
    • Syed Zafaruddin Ahmed (Rh)- See Anfas al ‘aarifeen,p.28
    • Mawlana Taqi Anwar Alwi (Rh) - Al qawl al-jali, p.66, where he talks about this specific quote along with other fabrications.
    The deobandi writes:
    Now the deobandi brings the issue of Istighatha! He is the same deobandi who while translating the book of Mawlana Icharawi (Rh) felt ashamed in translating the quotes of Shah Waliullah showing his practice of Istighatha.

    Shah Waliullah and all his teachers used to recite Ya Ali, Ya Ali! The original scans can be seen here

    Deobandi maulvis allowed Istighatha (saying Ya Shaykh Abdal Qadir shayn Al Lillah).

    The deobandi continues and writes:

    When people can’t read, we can’t help it. The deobandi made the same allegation around two years back and he was refuted to which he has no reply till now!

    Mawlana Fazle Rasul Badayuni (Rh) gave ijaza to his son in the Naqshbandi-Mujaddidi Sufi order passing through Shah Waliullah muhaddith al –Dehlawi (Rh)!Those interested can see the scan here:

    The deobandi does not know that Mawlana Fazle Rasul Badayuni (Rh) was a direct student of Shah Abdul Aziz muhaddith al-dehlawi (Rh) who was the student of his father Shah Waliullah Muhaddith al-dehlawi (Rh)! So, both the chains pass through Shah Saheb! Only a fool can make a claim that Mawlana Fazle Rasul Badayuni (Rh) was against Shah Waliullah (Rh).

    If this deobandi had little shame he would have scanned the book and translated it for the people to see the truth! Many scholars like Mawlana Icharawi and others did write against Shah Waliullah, but it has been already showed that this opposition was due to the fabricated quotes incorporated by Wahabis and shias in the books of Shah Waliullah (Rh).

    The deobandi puts a nail in his own coffin when he writes:

    And it is Abd al-Hayy Hasani and not Hussaini.This allegation was also refuted some two years ago to which this deobandi has not yet replied. It can be read here:

    Mawlana Fazle Rasul Badayuni (Rh) used to celebrate Mawlid, Urs, and Fatiha on food etc; all this is bid’a as per wahabis. Anyone can click the above link to see the books which Mawlana Badayuni wrote and it will explain why they hate him!

    The deobandi writes:
    Imam Fazle Haqq Khairabdi al-Chishti (Rh) who was a direct student of Shah Abdul Aziz Muhaddith al-Dehlawi (son of Shah Waliullah) was the first scholar along with sixteen direct student of Shah Abdul Aziz Muhaddith to issue the fatwa of Kufr against Ismail Dehlawi.He was also the first scholar to issue the fatwa of Jihad against the British occupation. And indeed the books of Ismail dehlawi are filled with Kufr!
    See the fatwa at this link

    It is upon this deobandi to name the book in which fatwa of takfir from Mawlana Fazle Rasul Badayuni (Rh) was published!

    It has already been proved with scans that Mawlana Fazle Rasul Badayuni (Rh) was a Naqshbandi Mujaddidi and he gave ijaza in this tariqah. To say that he spoke ill about Imam Rabbani shaykh Sirhindi (Rd), cannot be accepted and that too when these deobandis fails to provide the reference for their claim.

    Mawlana Abdullah Sindhi writes:
    “The book Anfaas al’aarifeen is the core of Shah Waliullah’s thought and philosophy”
    (Shah Waliullah kay falsafay aur tasawwuf ki ruh hai)

    [Shah Waliullah ka falsafa, p.15, Lahore]

    Hence those who want to know about the thoughts of Shah Waliullah al-muhaddith al dehlawi al-Naqshbandi (Rh) should atleast read this one book, before spreading confusion on internet.

    Please Note: Realted scans can be seen at this link
  17. sunnistudent

    sunnistudent Veteran

    Jazak Allah, brother absalih for pointing out this. I am posting the reply in parts, so that the post does not become too lengthy

    Shah Waliullah al-Dehlawi writes

    "As mentioned in the hadith, it is true that Prophets [alayhimus salam] do not encounter real death; and they offer prayers in their graves, perform pilgrimage (Hajj) and are alive. [Fuyuz al-Harmain, p.84, published by Saeed and Sons, Karachi]

    It is similar to what Imam Ibn Hajar al-Haythami wrote in al-jawhar al-munaZZam : [as Translated by Shaykh Gibril]

    "The proofs and the transmitted texts have been established as authentic in the highest degree that the Prophet [sal Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam] is alive and tender... that he fasts and performs pilgrimage every year, and that he purifies himself with water which rains on him."

    Shah Waliullah al-Dehlawi writes:

    "What people say regarding the presence of the Prophet, sall-Allahu `alayhi wa sallam, in the office of imam at every prayer is a fact. [Fuyuz al-Harmain, p.82]

    Deobandis on Shah Waliullah al-Dehlawi
    • Maulvi Suleiman Nadwi ( beloved Khalifa of Maulvi Ashraf Ali Thanvi) writes in a letter to Prof.Masud Alam:
    “We should be very cautious in reading the books of Shah Waliullah al-Dehlawi because at many places he reaches the point of Kufr in his writing” [Al-Raheem, p.628, February 1968]

    And we do not expect anything else from Suleiman Nadwi who fabricated the Wahhabi ‘aqida manual Taqwiyatul Iman written by their leader Ismail Dehlawi.

    Maulvi Ansar Shah al-Deobandi writes:

    “I can see a clear difference between the thoughts of Shah Waliullah al-Dehlawi and Deoband School. So it is wrong to say that Deoband represents the thoughts of Shah Waliullah al-Dehlawi and his school”. [Al-Balagh, p.49, Dul Hijjah, 1388 AH, published from Karachi]


    A certain deobandi who is totally unaware about the teachings of Shah Waliullah al-Dehlawi has made some claims which need to be analyzed to remove doubts pertaining to this matter. This individual has made comments to my earlier post which I shall quote here to have the full understanding of this matter

    The Deobandi said
    The reply only shows the ignorance about muraqabah done at the graves of awliya.
    Before we analyze the so called ‘reply’, it is wise to mention the last will (al-wasiya) of Shah Waliullah al-Dehalwi. [Rh]

    The last will of Shah Waliullah al-Dehlawi reads:

    “It is necessary for us to visit the shrines of awliya in harmain and seek benefits from there. (Lit. ‘and rub our faces there’).Our good fortune ( sa’adat) is in this act and it is ill manner to abstain from this act.”

    [Al maqalat al-wađiyah fi al-nasiyyah wa al-wasiyyah, By Shah Waliullah al- Dehlawi, p.53, Compiled by Prof. Ayyub Qadri, Pakistan]

    It should be noted that here Shah Waliullah is talking about visiting the graves of awliya in harmain for the purpose of seeking barakah/ benefit. Hence to travel to the graves of awliya with the intention of getting spiritual benefit is not shirk as per Shah Waliullah.

    Muraqaba can be done at the grave or any other place. When the muraqaba is done at the grave, the purpose is to get spiritual benefit from the soul of the buried wali. It seems in deobandi cult it is not shirk to consider the spirit (ruh) as the real provider of benefit that is why the deobandi wrote that to do muraqabah at the grave is permissible! It should be noted that if any one considers the spirit of a wali to be all powerful, then he is committing an act of shirk. Muslims, do not believe this. Hence if a Muslim travels to the grave of a wali with the intention of seeking spiritual benefit or with the intention that he will ask the wali to make dua to Allah, all this is permissible and encouraged by the scholars of tasawwuf.

    Whereas, as per this deobandi, if a deobandi travels to do muraqaba at the grave of a wali, with this belief that the person buried has self power, he is not committing shirk [ because he said it is permissible to do muraqaba at graves!]

    Let us see a fatwa from Maulvi Rashid Gangohi al–deobandi on this topic.

    Question: Some sufis sit near the graves of awliya with their eyes closed and recite the surah alam nashrah and say that their heart is opened by this act and they get benefit (fayd) from the person buried there. Is there any authenticity (asal) in it?
    Answer (by Rashid Gangohi al-deobandi)
    There is truth (asal) in this; there is no harm in this, if the intention is good.
    [Fatwa Rashidiya, p.223, Farid Book Depot, Delhi]

    Do the deobandis have this belief that Allah is not capable of opening heart and provide spiritual benefit if the action is not done at graves? Then why is this action done at the graves of awliya? And why not near the graves of ordinary Muslims? These are some questions which deobandis always avoid!

    How will it become shirk if someone travels to the grave of awliya with the intention of getting spiritual benefit? To seek spiritual benefit is also a type of ‘seeking aid’.

    The deobandi then showed more of his ignorance when he said:

    So as per this deobandi travelling to the graves of awliya with the intention that Allah alone fulfills the need, and that the graves of awliya are the places of acceptance of prayers is also shirk!

    Now let me provide an incidence from a deobandi book where people travelled to the grave of a deobandi maulvi just for the purpose getting their need fulfilled! Please note this has been called as shirk by the deobandi!

    The incidence

    “People were suffering from fever in the town of Nanot.Who ever went and took soil from the grave of Maulvi Yaqub al-deobandi and applied to his body, got cured”

    [Arwahe Salasa, with commentary by Ashraf Ali thanvi, p.322, Maktaba Thanvi, Deoband, India]

    It is clear that all those people who went to the grave of this deobandi maulvi went with the purpose of getting their need fulfilled, viz, to get cure from fever.

    This travel is shirk as per this deobandi of our time, but sadly it was called as a miracle of maulvi Yaqub by Ashraf Ali Thanvi!

    See here:

    One cannot say that too commit an act of shirk for the purpose of getting physical need fulfilled is allowed!

    The deobandi failed to realize that it is not shirk if a Muslim travels to the grave of awliya with the intention that the chances of his prayers (to Allah) being accepted is high at these places due to the barakah which Allah has bestowed at these places or that he is going to request to the wali to make dua for him to Allah, or that he is going to perform muraqaba at the grave of a wali and get spiritual need fulfilled. The biggest problem of this deobandi is that he failed to realize that “a need is a need”, whether physical of spiritual.

    Quotes from the books of Shah Waliullah

    1. Shah Waliullah writes:
    "One should pay tawajjah towards the spirits (arwah) of mashaykh, visit their graves and perform fatiha and beg them to attract him towards themselves” [Scan attached]
    [Hama’at, p.34, Karachi]

    Here Shah Waliullah is giving advice to make a travel to the graves of awliya and to beg them for spiritual advancement. All this is kufr as per this deobandi!

    2. Shah Waliullah writes:
    "As per the teachings of the mashaykh of Chishtiya, when one visits the graveyards one should perform the wazifa and sit there till one gets fayd from the inhabitant of the grave (sahibe qabr) ’’

    [Al Qawl al-Jameel, p.78, Delhi]

    I have not described the wazifa to keep my response short. So all those who visit the graves of awliya for the purpose of getting some benefit , spiritual or whatever, are committing shirk as per this internet deobandi mujtahid!

    3. Shah Waliullah narrates:
    “At first when I visited the grave I did not have particular intention, but later the relatives of (this buried) shaykh came up with their problem. So I made tawajjiah towards the grave of the shaykh to see what correct decision in this matter is.”

    [Al qawl al-jali fi dhikr al athar al –wali, p .232]

    Here Shah Waliullah is getting help from the grave of a wali!

    Hundreds of quotes from the books of Shah Waliullah muhaddith al-dehlawi (Rh) can be provided to prove that he travelled to the graves of awliya and got spiritual benefit from them.
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  18. absalih

    absalih Active Member

    Historical Proof :Hazrat Shah Makhsoos Ullah Dehlawi(Rh)

    “Hazrat Shah Makhsoos Ullah bin Shah Rafiuddin bin Shah Waliullah Muhaddith Dihlawi(Rah) while refuting his own cousin brother Shah Ismai’il Dehlawi had written:
    [Mawlana Yaseen Akhtar Misbahi _ Trans: AQDAS]
    This shows that there was nothing in Shah Sahib’s works that supported Najdian Tawhid
    known to his immediate successors, and that all such things which are now being quoted ascribing them to Shah Waliyullah (Rah) are all nothing but gross fabrications.
  19. absalih

    absalih Active Member

    Deobandi concept of Shirk

    Saad Khan wrote:
    Shaykh Huseyn Hilmi Isik wrote:
    Hadrat Shah Ahmad Said-i Dahlawi [d1277.AH.Madina], in his book Tahqiq-ul-haqqil mubin, answers forty wrong statements of the Wahhabis with documents.
    Hadrat Mawlana Abdulhakim-i Siyalkuti says in the book Zad-ul-labib by taking excerpts from the Arabic explanation of Ashi'at-ul-lama'at by Abdulhaq-i Dahlawi,
    From these quotes it becomes clear that Deobandis are not the inheritors of these Great Indian Hanafi Scholars as well as Hazrat Shah Waliyullah Muhaddis Dehlawi(qs).
  20. absalih

    absalih Active Member

    Al-Fawz al-Kabir fi Usul al-Tafsir [Shah Waliullah]

    The topic in which this forgery from ‘Tafhimat’ mentioned was on the extract named ‘[FONT=&quot]The Reality of Shirk, its Manifestations and its Types’[/FONT] from Shah Sahib’s well known work ‘[FONT=&quot]Al-Fawz al-Kabir fi Usul al-Tafsir [/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot] ([/FONT] translated into Arabic by Salman al-Husayni al-Nadwi, pp. 23-25, Dar al-Basha’ir al-Islamiyyah, Third Edition)

    This book ‘Al-Fawz al-Kabir fi Usul al-Tafsir’(The Principles of Qur’an Commentary) by this Great Scholar Hazrat Shah Waliyullah Muhaddis Dehlawi(Quddisa Sirrahu) is available in English, as translated by Prof.G.N.Jalbani xProfessor,University of Sind.Pakistan

    As the Mosquitoes are only interested in sucking blood even though the udder is full of Milk , the Deobandi English translator (Zameelur Rahman )of the extract from this work about shirk had translated only what serves his purpose and neglected the obvious purposes of the author, though his translation is enough to show that Shah Sahib had in mind the Arabian pre-Islamic polytheists while writing these lines.
    [Both the foot notes which compares the Jahiliyyah Mushriks with true Muslims are forgeries which serve the Wahabi causes. When internal evidences are enough to prove forgeries what is the need for manuscripts? Are there any guarantee for manuscripts? Even here the translator had only seen the word ‘seeking help’ and neglected the word ‘absolute power’. None of the Ahlu Sunnah believe that Awliya do help by ‘absolute power’. The power is always gifted by Allah]
    The paragraph just above the Deobandi translation lists Shah Waliyullah's views regarding the Main features of the Polytheists deviation from the true religion of Hazrat Ebrahim (as) (p4) as:
    2-Anthropomorphic belief (they went astray taking Allah as corporeal and boundable_p5)
    3-Modification of Abraham(AS)'s scroll
    4-Denial of Hereafter
    5-Terming Holy Prophet(s)’s mission as unbelievable.

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