A'la Hadhrat on nazrana to naat khwans

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  1. Salaam, Can someone provide a reference and show a scanned copy of this fatwa- I need this

    JazakAllah Khair
  2. Watermelon

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    Q u e s t i o n

    Zayd sets his rate as 5 rupees to perform in a Mawlid, and will not go to perform in anyone's Mawlid without being paid his fee of 5 rupees.

    A n s w e r

    The rates which Zayd has set for him to perform and sing in gatherings are impermissible and harām. It is by no means permissible for him to accept it, and the food purchased with such income is explicitly harām. It is wājib [necessary] that he recollects exactly from whom he accepted such fees and return it to each and every one of them. If they are no longer alive, he must ensure it reaches their inheritors, and if he is unable to find them, he must distribute an equivalent amount of money amongst the poor and needy. If he repents from such impermissible income in the future then he is free of sin.

    Firstly, the noble mention of the Master of the Universe ﷺ is from amongst the loftiest expressions of obedience and the most majestic acts of worship, and to charge fees for obedience and worship is harām. Secondly, it is apparent from the wording of the questioner that the fee he charges is for his poetic recital and singing, which in itself is clearly impermissible. It is written in Fatāwā ʿĀlamgīrī – "Singing and poetic recitals are such actions that it is impermissible for anyone to claim a wage for them."

    — Imām Ahmad Ridā Khān al-Qādirī radi Allahu anho
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    there are sincere Sunni na'at khawans we can vouch for

    Owais RiDa Qadiri

    and sincere 'ulama we can vouch for

    Shaykh Muhammad al Yaqoubi

    Shaykh Akhtar RiDa Khan

    The Khulafa of Habib Mashhur al Haddad

    none of the above take money to pass knowledge of Shari'ah!
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    The Maulvis have been here coming close to 40 years and done nothing most of them have nothing to give apart from fundraising and making buildings. Na'at readers have just exploited a gap in the market. The people are ready to give but have been looted by Pirs, Maulvis now these entertainers. Some folk have become deos, najdis and others have become sidis.
  5. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    the current na3t culture is nothing more than a fashion statement in feel-good spirituality that has no connect to the Shari3ah

    it's nothing better than "liking" some picture of an apple with Allah's name inscribed inside it, on facebook, by people who couldn't be bothered praying!

    i have been to Milads where male na3t khwans have had half-head-covered ghayr mahram females brazenly standing in front of them 'conducting' like a maestro. when people object in disgust, they are lambasted as being "wahabis"
  6. Aqdas

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    the current na'at culture is moving ahlu's sunnah further away from ilm and shari'ah.

    are there any practical methods to stop this culture within ahlu's sunnah?

    i remember hearing someone was translating allama abdul hakeem sharf qadri's book, khuda ko yaad kar pyaare. anyone know about this? that is an important work on this topic.
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    Mufti munib said, 'what have these na'at khwans given back to sunniyat?'

    It's getting worse year on year.
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  8. Aqdas

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    if it's allowed, someone should do a 'dispatches' style programme - like a fly on the wall documentary and expose these people after they are caught red handed.

    here are ahlu's sunnah, in dire need of money so that they can teach and publish books; and at the same time, we have these fasiqs who take away tens of thousands in a month or two.

    i really wish more scholars can speak up against this joke like mufti munib ur rahman did.
  9. Yaseen

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    I've heard many a story where na'at khwans have insisted on X amount otherwise they won't attend. I was watching a programme a few days ago and Peer Syed Naseeruddin of Golra did not hold back in openly saying the na'at khwan and qur'a come to the UK for nothing but nazrana. What I find more despicable is that these characters are paraded as some sort of big-time 'ashiq-e-rasool. It's all become showbiz and these people are using the Prophet salalahu'alyhi wasalams name for their dunyawi gain.

    I personally think if nazrana is sincerely given, that's fine. When it becomes a dollar-flicking circus than that frankly needs stoping. Owais Qadri has to be given credit in this respect as I've witnessed him stopping this on numerous occasions.

    The reality is that majority of the 'ulama are scared to speak against this and indeed fuel this. I only recall Peer Syed Naseeruddin telling how it is from the 'ulama that visit the UK.

  10. abu nibras

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    well I know of individual cases where chishti mashaikh listening to kalam gave all they had in wajd, including the carpet and chandelier of the room to the qawwal but the person I am talking of merely did it with an indication of his finger whilst crying.

    so there are a thousand better ways to give the money out if you want to.

    if you are giving money to the naatkhwan it should be done with respect for you are giving him a gift.

    It is more of a local custom if you look at it closely where people seem to get these crisp notes and throw them in a particular fashion. you dont have such notes all the time in your pocket.

    you have to decide before hand that I will give this much today in these denominations and and I will give it in this fashion.

    I bet some shower 10, some hundreds while some 1's and 5's everyone goes and gets those bills just to follow this custom, do not take it to be the money it is the way of giving it, that I am criticizing.
  11. what if the person giving the money does so out of sincere love for hearing the praise of the Habib صلى الله عليه وسلم ? I know that Huzoor Mufakkir e Islam encourages his mureeds to give money to naatkhwaans as it supports them. It is called , 'unki khidmat karna' -- to serve them. Yes I do think the throwing money over their heads though is vulgar but that doesn't happen in Shah Sahib's mehfils.

    Then again, if even that is done out of sincere ishq I don't think we should censor it.
  12. abu nibras

    abu nibras Staff Member

    this here (link) is outright ostentatious and vulgur ; wonder what denomination bills they are using and how maany hungry mouths they fed while on the way to this event, I am certain that if there was ever a case where sama with mazamir was allowed then doing it in such a setup totally kills the good in it.

    who would listen to the kalam with such a pompus show going on - astaghfirullah !
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  13. Aqdas

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    Now, he wasn't talking specifically about na'at khwans, but the amazing scholar Pir Sayyid Abdul Qadir Jilani (may Allah preserve him) said that though he doesn't like people coming to the stage to give him money, it is permissible in shari'ah.

    Perhaps Imam Ahmad Rida meant money that is agreed beforehand? I did read this about Huffaz in Tarawih, that they are allowed to accept money but an amount should not be fixed beforehand.
  14. Wadood

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    Re: Al'a Hadhrat on nazrana to naat khwans

    this act is dominant in Pakistan as I have seen as well as public Na'ats recited by females everywhere

    Shaykh Muhammad al Ya'qoubi HafizuhuAllahta'ala says that males listening to females reciting Na'ats is a dangerous fitnah
  15. Shah Jalal

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    Re: Al'a Hadhrat on nazrana to naat khwans

    This is something which is unacceptable and in very bad taste is what I have been told by the Ulama I know. So I am not suprised that Imam Ahmed Raza Khan RA has written a fatwa against it.
  16. Yaseen

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    Whilst browsing another forum I came across that Ameer e ahle Sunnat Maulana Ilyas Qadri has wrote a small booklet "Naath khawan aur Nazrana" in which he has written quotes from the Fatawah's of A'la Hazrat in which it is clearly stated that money which is given or taken for Naath khawani is HARAAM.

    Does anyone have access to this fatwa as it is something I personally find detestable and is prevalent in may Mawlid events I have been to.


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