alahazrat's ijazah to the famous muhaddith abdu'l Hayy al-kattani

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    al-kakazai is a regular poster at marifah. what I understood from his posts is that he is another fence-sitter on the sunni-devbandas issue, for good or for bad.

    Here's another one of his articles on Hazrat Ahmad-e-Noori (raDiyAllahuanhu):
    I don't know if he is aware about 'nuzhat-al-khawatir''s take on alahazrat (raDiyAllahuanhu).

    nice blog though.
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    Interesting. Who is the admin of this blog?
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    the book fahras al-faharis by the famous muhaddith of maghrib, sayyid `abdu'l Hayy ibn sayyid `abd al-Kabir al-kattani, that lists the ulama he has taken ijazah from.

    this is a 27MB file.

    alahazrat imam ahmed rida khan is mentioned on the following pages:


    snapshots of those paragraphs included.

    the shaykh refers to alahazrat as ahmed rida ali khan al-barelwi al-hindi; the reason is that arabs usually have their own name followed by that of father and grandfather.

    alahazrat would be:

    ahmed rida ibn naqi ali ibn rida ali - perhaps hence the small confusion. but he is alahazrat without any doubt.

    the year is 1323 AH and these ijazahs were given during the writing of his ad-dawlah al-makkiyyah. alahazrat even interrupted writing the dawlah (and the deadline was fast approaching) and he mentions this in al-malfuz.

    many ulama of hijaz mentioned have given taqariz in husam al-haramayn; we will examine them inshaAllah.

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