Alayhis salam for non-prophets

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    allamah ismayil ibn ali ibn muhammad al-biqayi al-shafiyi, completed this manuscript in 800 AH as he signs it off:

    biqayi MS bukhari signoff.png

    on p.296-297 of this MS, we see: manaqib faTimah raDi'Allahu anhaa.

    biqayi, p296.png

    biqayi, p297.png

    biqayi, 3.png
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    one MS in king saud uni, in the hand of kazruni has alayha's salam, see p.254 of the PDF [scan has both pages as one] / p.508 of the actual manuscript

    kazruni, p.254.png

    kazruni bukhari ms.png

    the date of kazruni's demise is 834 AH. so this MS is from or before 834 AH.
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    by the way, alayhi's salam, alayhima's salam or alayha's salam appears for ahl al-bayt [one for sayyidah umm kulthum] in the following narrations in available published editions.


    lest someone mistake me: my stand is the same as my imam alahazrat's position that we should not use this for ayimmah ahl al-bayt as it is the practice of rawafid/shia/tafzilis. details are in imam laqani's sharh of jawharah. and the gist of which is salam in honorific is the same meaning as salawat and is not allowed for non-prophets. Allah ta'ala knows best.
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    this MS is in turkey:
    copyist: ahmad ibn abdul wahhab ibn muhammad ibn abdu'd daa'im al-qurashi al-bakri al-kindi shihabuddin abu'l abbas al-nuwayri.

    manuscript completed 28, dhi'l hijjah, 720 AH / thursday.

    madrasah al-nasiriyyah, cairo, eghypt

    copyist: 677-733 AH.

    number of pages: 318 x 2 =


    current location of the MS: Salimiyyah Public Library, Edirne, Turkey


    in this MS, you see raDi'Allahu anhaa. notice this is closest to hafiz al-yunini's critical text, written in 720 AH.

    ms-tr, p150a.png

    ms-tr, p150b.png


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    so vol.5 / p.26

    yunini, v5p26.png

    صح is the abbreviation allamah yunini uses to indicate that it has been narrated by one of his mashayikh.

    in the text above, raDi'Allahu anhu is used - but some others used alayhima's salam (as you can see on the margins)

    so vol.5 / p.29

    yunini, v5p29.png

    here, in yunini's main text, alayha's salam is used for sayyidah batool raDi'Allahu anhaa.

    however, allamah yunini has indicated that in the harawi edition, it is raDi'Allahu anhaa; and some others among his teachers [though he did not specify].

    also in the same vol.5 p.18
    it is noted that alayhima's salam wsa used for mawla ali and sayyidah batool raDi'Allahu anhuma written in between the lines.

    yunini, v5p18.png
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    most modern editions of bukhari are based on the yuniniyah text - which is itself based on four different readings.

    imam sharafuddin abul husayn ali ibn muhammad ibn ahmad al-yunini al-Hanbali (621-701 AH)

    this validated text was published in 1311 AH upon the command of sultan abdul hamid, published by amiriyyah publishers in bulaq; this was checked and verified by senior ulama of al azhar.

    allamah yunini marked his critical edition with the four main versions as follows:

    ص Saad - al-aSili - abi muhammad al-aSili [d.392 AH]

    ه haa - abu dharr al-harawi - abu dharr al-harawi [d. 343 AH]

    ظ DHaa - abi'l waqt - abi'l waqt al-sijziyy [d. 553 AH]

    ش sheen - dimashqi - abi'l qasim ibn asakir [d. 571 AH ]​


    yunini ed. cover.png
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    i have compared a few manuscripts - some have it some don't.
    in kazruni's handwriting 834 AH / king saud uni manuscript # you can see "alayha's salam"

    whereas in earlier manuscripts such as biqayi's 800 AH it is raDi'Allahu anhaa

    so also in another manuscript in turkey.

    [there are many manuscripts but not all are complete. the three complete manuscripts i have seen]
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    Yes, I think we should go on the offensive on topics such as this or Abu Talib. When I say offensive, I mean don't get defensive about them.

    Some years ago, we did a mini charter about shiah and I asked whether we should even include the Abu Talib issue and ulama said we must because if we don't, tomorrow closet shiah will make it mainstream.

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    Closet shiah in Pakistan have poetry that we don't say رضي الله عنه, we say عليه السلام.

    Good rebuttal by Sayyid Muzzammil Shah.

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    al-adhkar is by imam nawawi
    al-istidhkar is by imam ibn abdu'l barr
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    We respect Mufti Akmal but we're not blind followers.

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