Alqamah and obedience to mother

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    I tried to search the hadith and happened to land on this article. The summary is that there is no narration that mentions the name of sahabi A'lqama bin Qais; however, there is a hadith in Musnad imam Ahmed narrated by Faid bin Abdurrahman from Abdullah ibn Abi Awfa but not entirely as the story is told.

    it is also narrated in other books such as ad du'afa alkabir, al mauDu'aat, shua'bul iman, some narrated from tabarani, etc. They all narrate it via Faid bin Abdurrahman via Abdullah ibn Abi Awfa.

    and this hadith is very weak due to Faid bin Abdurrrahman because imam Ahmed's son said that my father did not use to narrate the two ahadith (this hadith and another one) from Faid bin Abdurrahman because he did not like him, and in his father's view Faid was matruk al hadith (his hadith is discarded).

    ibn Ma'ieen said he is nothing (laisa bi shai'in).

    ibn Abi Hatim said that his hadith is invalid (dhahibul hadith/saqitul hadith), his narration should not be written, and his long ahadith narrated via Abdullah ibn Abi Awfa should not be looked upon at all, so much so that if a person takes an oath that his ahadith are lies then he will not be a sinner in his oath.

    imam Bukhari said that he was a munkarul hadith (so his hadith should not be written/narrated)

    ibn Hibban said that he used to narrate rejected narrations from elders and brings reports from Abdullah ibn Awfa which are dubious, it is not allowed to bring evidence from him.

    imam Hakim said that Faid narrated fabricated ahadith from Abdullah ibn Abi Awfa raDiyAllahu anh

    Allah Ta'ala knows best.

    ps: I did not look up the hadith or criticism in the reference books myself.

    جاء في " مسند الإمام أحمد " (32/155) من طبعة مؤسسة الرسالة ما يلي

    قال أبو عبد الرحمن: وكان في كتاب أبي: حدثنا يزيد بن هارون، أخبرنا فائد بن عبد الرحمن قال: سمعت عبد الله بن أبي أوفى يقول

    (جاء رجل إلى النبي صلي الله عليه وسلم فقال: يا رسول الله! إن هاهنا غلاماً قد احتضر؛ يقال له: قل لا إله إلا الله، فلا يستطيع أن يقولها. قال: أليس قد كان يقولها في حياته؟ قال: بلى، قال: فما منعه منها عند موته؟ فذكر الحديث بطوله)

    لم يحدث أبي بهذين الحديثين - حديثين من طريق فائد عن ابن أبي أوفى - ضرب عليهما من كتابه؛ لأنه لم يرض حديث فائد بن عبد الرحمن، وكان عنده متروك الحديث

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    There is a hadith oft quoted about a sahabi who couldn't say the kalimah on his deathbed as his mother was displeased with him.

    What is its authenticity?

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