AMAZING Nasheed - محمد یا مصطفی

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    مذ تبدى نور بدري

    هات يا حويد الركب غن

    الله با مولانا

    Jila' Al-Qulub: I hour of amazing recitation**

    * at 5:19 - the reciters says something which is totally inappropriate, even . it should be "wa ayana ma kuntu kunta mawlan" - as Allah ta'ala is not ascribed with "ayna" or "where-ever" "whichever-place".

    **Wish we could have one of these in our country. And the last name of the reciters is nice too, "Ahmad and Yusuf MizarzaH".

    P.S: I have only listened to the first two and the last one in full. I do not vouch for the others as being compatible with sunni creed. However, my Husn az zann is that they are sunni.
  2. Unbeknown

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    beautiful arabic kalaams on duff. happy listening.

    qamarun min fawki*


    جودوا بالوصال

    حب النبي والأل (peace be upon him)

    أتيناك بالفقر ياذا الغنى
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