Any chance of a tranlation of Qasida Mi'raaj??

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  1. lol. my dear beloved young and naive brother, may Allah increase his love for you, a week?! if i was working on it full time, then perhaps there´d be a chance of that. a quick rough first draft can be rattled off in minutes but to then turn it into poetry worthy of the imam´s name? that takes a long long time. the couple of proper, high quality poems of ala hazrat´s i have done, took weeks. sometimes finding the one correct word can mean you get stuck for ages! but insha Allah...
  2. sidi, once upon a time, in my more carefree youth, i too had similar ideas but alas the viccisitudes of time and life are many and now i fear i am not up to the task....

    it is not an easy task and the responsibility is huge. one careless mistake or phrase and the enemies of ahle sunnat would pounce on it like wolves and attribute the error to sayyidi ala hazrat. that, and the question, who would read it, plus idleness, stop me from carrying out something i have considered. the burden is heavy and i ask, are my sinful shoulders broad enough?
    then there is the question of publishing. who would publish such a work?

    do dua for me brother...may Allah make this prayer of yours come true. amen.
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    yes, brother NQ, I agree with you but brother yaseen was asking for a translation and since you do not currently have one, I thought it would be polite to send him the poem.

    brother NQ, i think you should translate the whole of Hadaiq E Bakshish and you should translate in order, you can do one translation a week, what do you think?
  4. Yaseen,
    Brother, I will try to prioritize this task insha Allah.
  5. :s1:

    That is the translation by the late Dr. GD Qureishi I believe. As poetry some lines are quite good although the forced rhyme in many places is out of place. The whole effort lacks the grandeur of the original and that is, imho, due to the obsession with rhyme. Also, and more seriously, the translation´s accuracy has been sacrificed for the sake of rhyme too. May Allah reward him for his good intention but anyone reading this translation would not get a good impression of Ala Hazrat´s original masterpiece.

    Literary masterpieces need to be translated with great care. When they also involve religious theology and doctrine and, above all, the Prophet, even more care needs to be taken to ensure the Poet´s words are not twisted or changed.
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  7. assalamu alaykum
    i am working on a full translation insha Allah. Here is the first draft of the first two verses. please don't reproduce yet...


    1. When the Chieftain of Prophethood ‘s KIngdom
    Ascended to the Throne of the Divine,
    Laid out for this Arabian guest were
    Types of merriment of novel design.
    2. “Congratulations to the Spring and to
    The Garden be joy!” all the Angels sang
    And the Heavens, each in a style unique
    Repeated the songbirds’ heavenly hymn.
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    I know i keep making requests but can someone kindly post a translation of Ala Hadrat alyhi rahmas masterpiece seen as its Rajab.


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