Aqaid e Nizamiyya (urdu)

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    This work, Aqâid-i nizâmiyya, is the Persian and Urdu summary of Aliyyuqarî’s explanation to the Arabic book, Fiqh al-akbar of Hadrat al-Imâm al-a’zam Abu Hanîfa. The translation was done by Fakhruddîn, a disciple of Hadrat Nizamuddîn Awlia. It summarizes the Islamic beliefs. Among these beliefs, it is additionally dealt with whether the parents and grandfathers of our Prophet were Believers or not, and that they were Believers, which is clarified by documents. Moreover, famous Qasîdat al-Amâlî and the biographies of the imâms of four madhhabs in Persian are appended.

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