Arabic Books by Shaykh Abd ur Razzaq al Batraalwi al Hanafi

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    The farsi calligraphic style is called nasta'leeq. 'arabs were masters of it, generally
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    A few copies of Qadhi Abd al-Razzaq al Batralwi's hawashiy on Quduri and Kanz al-Daqaiq and Hidayah aswell as Daw' al-Misbah ala Nur al Idah are used by some of the Hanafi students in Zabid in Yemen. The Mufti of the Hanafis has a copy of the works himself and has highly praised them.

    However there is room for improvement from the presentation side: the Pakistani prints have multiple typos and the script is very small and difficult to read. Especially if you have bad eyesight or in dim-light conditions under candle light when the electric fails, as it all too often does in Yemen. The farsi calligraphic style is also a nightmare for the Arabs.
  3. Please purchase and spread these works amongst the Arab scholars so they can see the current work of the Sunni Ulamaa in sha Allah Tabaarak wa Ta'ala
  4. The Shaykh's Haashiyah on Nur al Iydaah another famous Hanafi Fiqh text



  5. [​IMG]


    The Shaykh's Haashiyah on al Quduri the famous Hanafi Fiqh text

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