Atrocities in Kashmir and Delhi

Discussion in 'Smalltalk' started by abu Hasan, Mar 2, 2020.

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  1. abu Hasan

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    in spite of everything, jinnah was right in his estimation of hindu majority and the direction this would lead in the future vide his 14 points.

    although, successive governments had somewhat resisted or successfully cloaked the outcomes predicted by jinnah's 14 points, modi has proved almost every one of them to be right.
  2. abu Hasan

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    sub'HanAllah. this is like asking uyghur muslim ulama to comment on the plight of uyghurs. or ulama in syria to criticise the assad regime.
    and oh yes, pakistan does not criticise or challenge china on uyghurs. why do the turkish ulama not speak against kemal pasha?

    ay mauj e hawadis un ko bhi, do chaar thapede halke se
    kuch log abhi tak sahil se toofan ka nazaara karte hain.

    (it is just a line on the state of affairs, not a dua; may Allah ta'ala keep muslims safe everywhere. nas'alu Allah al-aafiyah)

    muslims in india are persecuted and vilified by the media in the most vicious manner. relatively harmless statements by frustrated politicans are twisted and painted as calls for terrorism. the media, the judiciary, police, civil services - the entire country is against muslims.

    regardless, ulama have taken a stand but that is not reported in the media. the media is sold to hindutva and they demonise muslims day in and day out. the propaganda is so vile, that goebbels could learn a thing or two.

    for instance: a bjp-hindu-brahmin terrorist kapil mishra instigated hindus to "shoot the traitors". it is implicit here that the traitors are indian muslims. other terrorists from his party made incendiary statements. and there was a massacre. in one such massacre, a muslim politician tahir hussain, stranded with other muslims on his rooftop and were throwing down debris on the mob. tahir called the police and other politicians a hundred times, but they didn't respond. thereafter, a media house twisted into 'stockpiling petrol bombs' and 'weapons' etc. they simply ignored police atrocities and hindu violence, caught on tape and proudly showcased by hindus themselves. and they have arrested tahir as the main person responsible for the 'riots' or 'clashes' (the centrist choice of words).

    kapil mishra, the main terrorist who was responsible for the pogrom took out a 'peace march' and called for an end to 'jehadi violence'.

    and you want ulama to speak? for what? to get slaughtered?

    a similar insensitive line is taken by pakistanis - mainly on twitter. "alhamdulillah for pakistan" or "jinnah said: indian muslims will have to keep proving their loyalty to the indian state forever" etc.

    indian muslims are paying the price for pakistan. those living in sindh and punjab kicked out hindus from their places during partition; and the brotherhood for bengali speaking muslims, and the muhajir who managed to arrive in pakistan is the stuff fairy tales are made of.

    but which muslims paid with their blood? indian muslims, that is who. to this day, indian muslims are asked to 'go to pakistan'.

    such immature and stupid statements - show me the plan for resettling muslims in india of that day? nothing. that is why the 'creation' of pakistan was insensitive and selfish. that pakistan is now a muslim majority state is a different matter.

    but those people (or their forefathers) who abandoned muslims in india to fend for themselves (SHOW me the resettlement plan or provisions made for people to migrate to pakistan.) chide us for staying back in india!

    hum to marne ko khaDe paas na aaya, na sahee
    aakhir us shokh ki tarkash mein koyi teer bhi tha?

    tum se bejaa hai mujhe apni tabahi ka gilaa
    us mein kuch shayibah e khubi e taqdeer bhi tha.


    it would be amusing if it were not tragic.

    pakistani-muslims chide us for staying back in india (though no provision was made to resettle them). and indian-hindus flay us for not going to pakistan. while indian-hindus would be glad to see us go to pakistan, i don't know if pakistan is ready to receive 200 million refugees.

    still, for the architects of pakistan - what was the long term plan to resettle muslims spread all over the country - from himachal pradesh to kerala to tamilnadu to goa to orissa to lakshdweep to andaman to assam?
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    Kashmir has been on lockdown by the hindu army for months and now the violence has reached Delhi.

    Have the Ulama and followers of Imam-i Ehl-i Sünnet Ahmâd Rîza Han Hâzretlerî been vocal against such barbaric aggression either in Hind/Pakistan or in the West?

    Agar firdaus bar roo-e zameen ast,
    Hameen ast-o hameen ast-o hameen ast!

    Amir Khusrau on Delhi and then Jahangir to describe Kashmir.

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