Azamati or Azmati in Taraweeh tasbeeh

Discussion in 'Language Notes' started by Aqdas, May 8, 2019.

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  1. Aqdas

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    I listened to a clip recently in which Shah turab ul haq qadiri rahimahullah also rejected azmati. The meaning relates to bones.
  2. sherkhan

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    A minor row has broken out in our local masjid regarding the use of azmati/azamati in tasbeeh of taraweeh. For years the dua was displayed prominently in several masajids during Ramadan with azmati. Recently there have been informed attempts to correct azmati to azamati.

    While the new displays pointedly use azamati, the local imam has defended the (old) usage of azmati, reasoning that it has the same tri-literal root (م , ظ , ع) and that the use of jazm/sakina instead of fath is simply due to difference in dialects and it doesn't change the intended meaning, per se.

    The following links (seekerspath, islamimehfil, sunnijamaat) clearly reject azmati, pointing to its aberrant lexical meaning.

    Is there more nuanced position on this? Is azmati unequivocally incorrect?
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