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  1. In all honesty, and i'm not trying to be controversial, why do some of you brothers take it upon yourselves to ask for 'rulings' regarding such
    acclaimed Saints as Baba Bulleh Shah Qasuri (q) who is universally acclaimed by all Sunni and Shia Muslims of the region as a wali of Allah?

    Baba Bulleh Shah says in another of his poems:

    If God was to be found by bathing and cleaning, then frogs and fishes would have found him long back;
    If God was to be found by roaming in jungles, then cows and other animals would have found him long back;
    If God was to be found in Temples and Mosques then the birds and the bats would have found him long back;
    Bulleh, GOD will be found only by those who are true and good at heart

    Je rab milda nahateya dhoteya, te rab milda dadduan machiyan noo,
    Je rab milda jangal phireyan te rab milda gaiyaan bachiyan noon
    Je rab milda mandir - masiti te milda cham chidikhiyan noon
    Ve miyan Bulleya rab onhan noon milda
    Ati dil-eya achiyyan sachhiya noon

    (not my translation)

  2. These lines are straight-forward and not controversial. the word in the first line is 'pandit' not bandit. Here is a quick translation:

    The mullahs and the pandits grew old whilst uttering the name of God
    Yet they weren't able to find God anywhere and gave up after making so many prostrations!
    God resides within you, there are indications to this in the Koran
    Oh Bulleh Shah only the one who sacrifices his all for his spiritual guide (pir) can find God!


    Clearly Hazrat Baba Bulleh Shah is just pointing out that to find Allah one must purify one's heart and empty rituals devoid of this won't get you to Him. A lot of his poetry is of this nature, criticising those who appear to be pious and don't get the essence of the religion which is that God resides in the purified heart.

    'The Heavens and the Earth could not contain Me but the heart of a believer contains Me'. Isn't there a hadith qudsi which goes something like this?
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    poetry is open to interpretation, but one should for the sake of their own iman, avoid saying lines that may be anthropomorphic or contradict islamic aqidah.

    as for the poet himself, who knows in which state he said that and whether he would approve of others to say it without the context etc.
    we discussed this sometime ago, concerning a similar line in urdu and justification by sadr al-shariah raHimahullah.

    wa billahi't tawfiq.
    ps: i don't know punjabi; my comments are generic.

    Allah ta'ala knows best.
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