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    Once Amjad Ali who was a dedicated disciple of Ala Hadrat Rahmatullahi Ta'ala Alayh went for hunting. He fired a bullet, but the bullet missed its target and ripped into a wanderer causing his death. The police arrested Amjad Ali. The murder charge was proved in the court and death sentenced (by hanging) was passed. A few days before the execution, his family members came to prison and met him weeping. Amjad Ali said, 'Don't worry, i cannot be hanged because my Murshid Ala Hadrat told me the good news: 'we have released you.' The grieved family member departed.

    On the night of his execution, his mother came to prison for the last sighting of her beloved son. SubhanAllah Azzawajal, how strong belief Amjad had in his Murshid! He said to his mother, 'Dear mother, don't be sad; go home. In sha Allah, I will take today's breakfast with you at home.' After her returning, Amjad was brought to the gallows for hanging. Before the placing of the noose around his neck, he was asked as to what his last desire was. He replied, 'There is no need to ask this as the time of my death has not yet approached.' People thought he had gone mad due to the horror of death; the executioner proceeded for placing noose around his neck but at the same moment, an official order received declaring that a certain number of murderers and prisoners would be released in the festivity of the coronation ceremony of Queen Victoria. The noose was removed from the neck of Amjad and he was set free. On the other hand, preparations were underway at home for receiving his corpse. Amjad reached home alive and said, 'Bring the breakfast! I had told you that i would have breakfast at home.' (Tajalliyat Imam Ahmad Raza, pp. 100)

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