Blessing of hiding adversity

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  1. N-Sunni

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    Woh Ishq e haqiqi ki lazzat nahin pa sakta
    jo ranj o musibat say dauchar nahin hota

    He cannot taste the true love and devotion
    who does not face adversity and harsh condition.

    Afataun say na dar, rakh Karam per nazar

    Don't be scared of adversity, keep gaze on divine bounty.
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    Need practice
  3. N-Sunni

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    Sayyiduna Ibn Abbas RadiAllahu Ta'ala Anhu has narrated that the a Prophet of Rahmah ﷺ has stated, The one who suffered a trouble in his wealth or life, and then hid it and did not reveal it to people, Allah Azzawajal has a right to forgive him. (Majma-uz-zawaid,vol. 10. pp. 450, Hadis 17872)

    It it narrated in another Hadis, whatever adversity a Muslim faces due to ailment, worry, sadness, harm or grief, even if he is pricked by a thorn, Allah Azzawajal makes this adversity an atonement (Kaffarah) for his sins. (Sahih Bukhari, vol.4, pp. 3, Hadis 5641)

    Chup Karsin tan mauti milsan, sabr karay tan hiray
    pa galan wangaun raula pavyn na mauti na hiray

    If you are silent, gem is what you attain
    If you are patient, pearl is what you gain
    Like the insane, if you cry and complain
    Neither pearls nor gems, you obtain
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