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Discussion in 'Links' started by Ridwi, Oct 22, 2010.

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    Brother NJ, I understand your point however, many on this forum still find that language offensive. It would be best if that sort of language is avoided, and concerning communicating with the youth, I personally do not believe that one needs to use such language to communicate with them.
  2. Woah there bredwins!
    No need to fight on here. Sidi Suleiman I think brother Imran's point is that a lot of the youth do not understand any other lingo and though I agree with you that Muslims should not be users of foul language I also agree with bro Imran that the words "ass" (donkey) and "niggaH" are no longer considered offensive.

    As for Hamza he has become a deluded cracker if he really believes the stuff written in his articles quoted above. He seems to have an issue with the classical opinion of mainstream islam (as he admits that it is the majority opinion) that the world is essentially split into Muslims and Kafirs and those who die as kafirs are going to hellfire for eternity. He disagrees as it is "too black and white"! And then he goes on a merry go round to try and prove that if you#re a moral person it doesnt matter if you are a Christian, Jew or other non Muslim you will go to Heaven as long as you haven't explicitly rejected Islam after studying it and encountering it in its real form. By such sophistry he tries to show that most non Muslims today, almost all, will go to Paradise!!
    THIS rubbish means he has lost all the respect I had for him, which was due to what I thought was a pure Sunni aqidah to go alongside his oratory skills, and since he has divulged from Sunni doctrine it means therefore he is now just another House Muslim.
    You see there are two types of Muslims. House Muslims and Field Muslims. The House Muslim loves his White Master more than the Master loves himself. He eats well from his White Master's table ). He dresses pretty well. The Master is good to him. So he loves his Master. If the Master gets sick he says, "Master, WE sick." See, that is the thinking of the House Muslim. The Field Muslim on the other hand, he hates the White Master. He remembers all the beatings and ill treatment as a slave and wants his freedom. But the House Muslim says, "brother, why do you want to run away for? We got it good here..."


    I hope he returns to mainstream Sunni views as he had the potential to change lives for the better. The HY prior to 9/11 was a proud in your face Sunni Muslim Sufi but since then he has become more and more crackerfied until with his recent comments he has left the Ahlus Sunnah what with clever alec comments such as "I'm sorry but if saying rahmatullah alayhi after her (Rachel Corrie) name is haram then I am in the wrong religion" (astaghfirullah)" and his latest article about islam and kafirs.
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  3. As for detachment from youth, did it ever cross your mind I may be from those you categorize as 'youth'?

    Sure, if you feel comfortable using words as vulgar as 'ass' and 'nigga', go and find an appropriate forum.

    As for the fact that such language is so widespread, this surely does not mean that it becomes fine?

    Brother abu Hasan, if you have time -- since i've been a bit confused on the issue -- explain the origin, implications and limits of the principle 'idha `amma khaffa'. Jazakum Allah Khayran,

  4. Hold it down big homie :)

    HY still HNIC doe ^^
  5. No offence bro but if you don't know then best not assume-you make an ass of you & me when you do that...

    This is why much of our youth are detached from Islam because people can't communicate with them...

    'speak to people in language they will understand'

    7.45 :)
  6. woah there brothers. i am not fluent in eubonics but I think I catch brother imran's drift. it is wrong to belittle his style of speaking. after all, millions of muslim urban youth DO speak like that. we cannot all speak the Queen's English!

    "Nigga" (as opposed to the derogatory "nigger") is a term of endearment amongst urbanised black youth (and many non black youth too) nowadays. It has become a synonym for "person".

    As regards HY, I think brother Imran will in time realise that Hamza's aqidah is whack and keep away from him. Just keeping it real! Bo! :)
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  7. abu Hasan

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    first blame those who have not taught him islamic adab.
  8. Although I have no idea what you're trying to say, such language does not befit a muslim.
  9. If DMX has 1 bad album doesn't mean he is a bad MC

    Love that nigga X though :)
  10. :D

    of course these comments were made before his latest shenanigans but there is no doubt the man is a good writer...pity he is acting like a cracker he is
  11. thought that said sand nigger-cracked up :)
  12. thanks for the link. should be interesting reading...
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