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    Read in one sitting. Must have book in each home.
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    Download Here

    Hamāra Islām is a simple and easy text for beginners in nine volumes, written by Muftī Khalīl Khān Mārahrawī in Urdu. The fundamental concepts of Islām, the manner of worship and common rulings are presented without delving into detail, and is suitable for young readers and new Muslims.

    Basic information is covered in the first volume; more details and complex topics follow in subsequent volumes. Even though illustrations are not present in the original work, we have included sketches showing postures during prayer to aid beginners.

    Topics included in this voulme are - Fundamental Tenets of Islām , Faith and Disbelief ,Paradise , Hell , Our Prophet sallalhu alayhi wa sallam, The Holy Qur’ān, Prayer (Şalāt) , Prayer Times, Cycles of Prayer , The Call to Prayer , Standing for Prayer ,The Minor Ablution ,What do We Say in Prayer (Şalāt) , How Do We Pray?( with Illustrations ) – Prayers For Everyday

    While trying to remain faithful to the original urdu text as far as possible, the translator Shaykh Abu Hasan has added additional explanations in parentheses and footnotes for clarity.

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