Featured Book Release : The Preamble to Faith : Tamhid e Iman - Translated.

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    The Preamble to Faith - A descriptive translation of the Urdu work Tamhid e Iman

    Alahazrat wrote the book Tamhid e Īmān ba Āyāt e Qur’ān or The Preamble to Faith
    in the Light of the Qur’ān, to explain the basis of faith and priorities we should have
    as Muslims and to refute the propaganda that he was careless in takfīr.

    He explains fundamental principles of faith, analyzes disparaging statements made by
    Deobandis and the implication of such statements. He describes the background and
    conditions which led to the ruling and mentions the extreme carefulness and restraint
    that he exercised in takfīr, countering accusations that he was ‘quick to label anyone kāfir’.

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