Book Review: Taj al-Arus - as-Sakandari

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    Is this available in English anywhere? (Link in the first post is broken)
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    Love these type of threads. Please keep it up.
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    Arabic Title : Tāj al-Árūs al-Ĥāwī li Tahdhībi’n Nufūs

    English Title : The crown of [befitting] a bride – covering the matter of disciplining the lower-self, the ego, the nafs.

    Author : Imām Tājuddin Aĥmed ibn Áţā’allāh as-Sakandari [d. ]

    Pages : 67

    A brief booklet describing why and how one should discipline one’s self or nafs. At times, the tone is mildly reprimanding but always full of beautiful analogies encouraging a murīd [seeker] to be steadfast and heedful in disciplining the nafs.

    Excerpts here.

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