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Discussion in 'Bibliography' started by abu Hasan, Dec 23, 2004.

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  1. abu Hasan

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    at the risk of sounding arrogant and even impudent: translations i have seen so far are average at best and as a rule are poor. one shouldn't judge imam aHmed riDa by the translations. his original work is very eloquent and sometimes translations tend to lose the point he is trying to make. also at times, translations gives an impression that the imam to have held certain opinion, whereas he held the very opposite!

    however, one shaykh from south africa [i presume] has translated it better than all others i have seen so far: shaykh abu MuHammad `abd al-Hadi al-qadri. these books are published by raza academy of south africa.

    to be frank, translations of imam riDa's work are there - but not very impressive so far. [except the translation of tamhid e iman; english was good but arabic/urdu terms were mistranslated or mispronounced]
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    how many books have been translated into english, and what are they called?

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