Bro hajji pseudo salafi on hadrat ghawth رضى الله عنه

Discussion in 'Refutation' started by AR Ahmed, Jul 20, 2022.

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    The ibararat of ghunya and fath al rabbani do not refute tafwid (returning is part of ta’wil not tafwid. Allah being mustawi ‘ala al-arsh is without ta’til, tajsim, etc.)

    The ibaraat of ghunyah on those who passed away and ahl al-qubur needs to be studied.

    In fath al-rabbani, ya man yashku - not taking harm - seeking needs (using word waylak) - has no relation to istighatha - its mutlaq not muqayyad

    Follow and do not innovate and accept Allah as one and ask Allah and do not ask anyone else and do not seek aid and trust in Him and no one else - has nothing to do with istighatha

    As for the quote from Ghunyah about "right hand" (au'dhubillah) and "direction above" (astaghfiruLlah) - this is not shaykh abd al qadir’s words - this is contradictory to the very claim of no tajsim in the other quote in fath al-rabbani.

    In the same passage of istiwa in Ghunyah - mentions the words "istiwa bi dhaat" - but not sitting and touch like mujassima or uluw or rafa’ or istayla and “descends how and like He wants” and not mercy - these are not shaykh abd al qadir's words because the negation of tajsim contradicts the other statement "right hand"
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    السلام عليكم و رحمةالله و بركته

    Shaykh abu hasan and others - i need a jawab to this video

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