celebrating the mawlid

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    shaykh gibril haddad says:

    The Prophet [​IMG] did celebrate his birthday by fasting. His uncle al-`Abbas (ra) mentioned in his poetry that the Prophet's birthday was a light by which the Muslims pierce through the darkness of kufr and the Prophet [​IMG] approved of him. The massive majority of the Ulema past and present, especially in the Hijaz, also approve the desirability of extolling the birth of the Holy Prophet [​IMG] and celebrating the Mawlid. It is truly the mark of Ahl al-Bid`a to try to extinguish that light. As Sidi al-Habib `Umar said, those Muslims lost and became unable to "pierce through" when they stopped celebrating the light of the Mawlid described in that poetry of al-`Abbas.


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