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  1. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    let me get this straight?

    these are the same people who badmouth Sayyidina Ameer Mu3awiya, radi Allahu 3anhu, for appointing an adult son as a successor, based on proper ijtihad as a faqih.

    they however have no problem with a child who hasn't reached adulthood yet, being declared as a pir and a spiritual guide, based on a) no qualifications what so ever, or b) any daleel/ijtihad, or c) Allah-forbid the slightest hint of common sense or logic..... other than just who his daddy is!

    it seems these days just about anything sells. those idiots who take the father or the son as a pir, have only themselves to blame and deserve to be made fun of.
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  3. Noori

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    one good scan is here and another version here
  4. Aqdas

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  5. samir_shaikh

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    As Salamu Alaykum
    Aqib Sahib: Is there a link available to read/download the Fatawaa e Africa?
  6. Aqib alQadri

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    A fantastic article on the qualities of a pir and the pre-requisites of becoming a pir is available in Ala Hazrat's "Fatawaa e Africa".
  7. Ghulam

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    there are a lot of rafidis in jhang thus why these jhanggvis like tahir, niaz and fiaz cronies must think they are all masum
  8. Aqdas

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    i mean, look at tahir jhanvi and his minhajis. the man can do anything, absolutely anything, but not one minhaji has enough sense to come out and show his disapproval.

    i thought ma'sum imams was only a rafidi belief but it seems after hobnobbing for so long with rafidis, tahir has instilled the very same belief in his cronies.

    they're nearly as bad as the dirty devs.
  9. Aqdas

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    q. why are people who are obviously not even fit to guide their own children the pirs of thousands of people?

    a. because a lot of sunnis act like zombies who have never even gone close to applying 'critical thinking'. they'll just happily follow the pack without pausing to evaluate even for a second. some will just look at the jubba and 'imama and think this is the criterion.

    it's just very frustrating to see sunnis who are blind followers.
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